When did the National Association of Free Will Baptists meet?

When did the National Association of Free Will Baptists meet?

On November 5, 1935, representatives of the General Conference (Palmer) and the Cooperative General Association (a mixture of Randall and Palmer elements west of the Mississippi) met in Nashville, Tennessee, to unite and organize the National Association of Free Will Baptists.

When did the Palmer line of Free Will Baptists organize?

By the end of 18th century, these churches were commonly referred to as “Free Will Baptist”, and this would later be referred to as the “Palmer line of Free Will Baptists”. The churches in the Palmer line organized various associations and conferences, and finally organized a General Conference in 1921.

Who was the leader of the North Carolina church?

Palmer organized at least three churches in North Carolina. His labors, though important, were short. Leadership would descend to Joseph Parker, William Parker, Josiah Hart, William Sojourner and others. Joseph Parker was part of the organization of the Chowan church and ministered among the Carolina churches for over 60 years.

Is it possible to find a 16th century Bible?

The paste-downs and the flyleaves are marbled paper and a bit anachronistic for a 16th century Bible. Occasionally it is possible to find signatures or genealogical records that can tie a specific Bible with an important previous owner or prominent family. It would be lovely to find a copy of a Bible owned by Byron, for example.

Who was chairman of National Association of Evangelicals?

At that meeting, a temporary committee for United Action Among Evangelicals was created, Wright was named chairman, and in April 1942 a national conference was slated for St. Louis.

What was the year after the first evangelical convention?

The years following the first convention proved determinative for the fledgling organization.

Where are the archives of the National Association of Evangelicals?

The NAE Archives are held by the Wheaton College Archives and Special Collections in Wheaton, Illinois. Explore the archives inventory online.

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