The Hunt Director Craig Zobel Opens Up On Film’s Controversial Cancellation

A thrilling film that is guaranteed to send chills down your spine, The Hunt, directed by award-winning director Craig Zobel speaks amidst Universal canceling the movie as means of it sending out a negative message to its audience. A movie about a group of elites engaging in a human hunting spree, it is definitely something that will quiver in fear. Although the controversial political thriller has been misrepresented in media reports, Zobel stands by the film, arguing that he wouldn’t have made anything that went against an audiences morals. Let’s have a closer look into the words of the director himself. 

Standing his ground 

Despite mass abhorrence amongst the public, Zobel has stood by his film in multiple instances. Amid the laboring series of mass shootings that are currently taking place in the United States, the public has established a relation between both, condemned the film as sick and awful. Many have felt that the film inflames the ongoing political conflicts regarding gun violence. But despite all the commentaries, Zobel supports his movie with the claim that he would not knowingly encourage the wrong in our society and also stated that the film does not take any side of politics. 

Not all that it says 

The satire thriller film directed by Zobel and written by Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof, The Hunt, would have been controversial in any which way either how. It’s extremely gore and trivial perspective of human life is enough to get people riled up. In addition, although the director claims it not to have been directed towards a certain political audience, its subtle political themes suggest the opposite. Including the fact that the script was written by two well-known democrats or better yet labeled as ‘Trump haters’, the film was bound to create a negative moment which, in fact, is why it was canceled.  


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