What kind of art does Brett Whiteley do?

What kind of art does Brett Whiteley do?

Brett Whiteley is one of Australia’s most revered artists. His lyrical expressionism and lack of inhibition placed him at the forefront of Australia’s avant-garde art movement.

When did Brett Whiteley win the Archibald Prize?

Whiteley’s acclaim continued to grow throughout the seventies and eighties. In 1975 he was awarded the Sir William Angliss Memorial Art Prize. In 1976 he won his first Archibald prize with Self-portrait in the studio and the Sir John Sulman Prize for Interior with Time Past (genre painting).

Where did Brett Whiteley go to boarding school?

Born in Sydney in 1939, Whiteley grew up in Longueville, NSW and by the age of seven had won his first art competition. He was sent to boarding school at Scots College, Bathurst and in 1956 was awarded first prize in the Young Painters’ section of the Bathurst Show.

Where did Brett Whiteley live in Lavender Bay?

One, inspired by the character of the Phantom from the comic strip by Lee Falk, was filmed in Lavender Bay and featured Kingston, Wendy Whiteley and a brief appearance by Brett. While living and working at Lavender Bay, Whiteley produced a series of major paintings. Many of these successively won Australia’s most prestigious art prizes.

How old was Brett Whiteley when he sold his painting?

Brett Whiteley’s painting, Untitled Red Painting, was sold to the Tate Gallery when he was only 22, making him the youngest artist the gallery had ever purchased from. Brett Whiteley’s prints include lithographs and etchings.

How did Brett Whiteley House get its name?

The house location overlooks Lavender Bay which was once known as Hulk Bay. This name may originate from the presence of the convict prison hulk which was once moored in the Bay to provide accommodation for convicts. Lavender Bay, and later, suburb was named after George Lavender.

What kind of paper does Brett Whiteley use?

These fine art prints titled Grey Harbour 1978, 15 Great Dog Pisses of Paris 1989, Lavender bay in the rain are made on 100% cotton fibre mould made watercolour paper in either 256 or 300 gsm stock paper with a pH neutral acid and is lignin free.

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