What are Hitchcock chairs worth?

What are Hitchcock chairs worth?

An original Hitchcock chair in good condition is easily worth $200-$300 and a set of four could be worth $1200 or more.

Did Hitchcock make tables?

Hitchcock Furniture started in North Western Connecticut in the 1800’s. Their signature design of stenciled and paint decorated furniture found homes all across the country. Hitchcock made fine chairs, stenciled dressers and tables that echoed Colonial designs.

How much room do you need for a 42 table?

Clearances and Walkways Using this guideline, a dining room 10-by-12-feet long accommodates a table 36 to 42 inches wide and 60 to 72 inches long. The same room could fit a 48-inch round or square table with room for additional furniture along one of the shorter walls.

When were hitchcocks made?

The Hitchcock chair has been made in the village of Riverton, Conn., since 1818, when the company was established by Lambert Hitchcock.

How many chairs does a 60 round table fit?

8 guests
The most popular round guest table is 60” (5 ft.). A 60” Round Table can comfortably seat 8 guests. Reducing the seating to 6 will give your guests more space.

Is John Lee Hitchcock related to Alfred Hitchcock?

Lambert Hitchcock (May 28, 1795, Cheshire, Connecticut – 1852) was an American furniture manufacturer, famous for designing and mass-producing the Hitchcock chair. Hitchcock was the son of John Lee Hitchcock, an American Revolutionary War veteran who was lost at sea in 1811.

Does round dining table save space?

Because there are no corners to a round table, it creates more space so people can walk around and get to their seat. A round dining table avoids such issues by providing a better use of space in a smaller area so that there is less bumping or crowding when trying to sit down.

Is a round dining table better than square?

In general, round tables are perfect for small dining corners. On the other hand, rectangular tables have a flexible advantage. It can be placed against the wall to save space or pulled out to accommodate an extra guest. You get even more versatility with extendable tables.

How can you tell if a Hitchcock chair is real?

Names, Signatures and ways to identify a genuine piece of Hitchcock: Most genuine Hitchcock furniture will be signed with a stencil name along the back of the chair seat, under the table top, or along the back of a dresser or hutch. Many pieces will say: “L. Hitchcock, Hitchcocks-ville, Conn.

Are Hitchcock chairs marked?

ALL HITCHCOCK CHAIRS MADE FROM 1948 ON WILL HAVE THE “HCCo” STAMPED ON THE BOTTOM. Hitchcock chairs of today were blueprinted from antiques. Hitchcock chair co. agreed to stamp every piece so people would not confuse them with antiques.

What kind of wood are Hitchcock chairs made of?

Hitchcock chair frames, typically painted black, brownish black or dark green, were made from birch, maple or oak.

Is Hitchcock furniture still in business?

The Hitchcock Chair Co., founded in 1818 and based in Riverton, closed in 2006, and sold all its equipment, patterns and furniture parts at auction. “We believe this will be a niche business,” said Rick Swenson, who with partner Gary Hath is the new owner of the Hitchcock Chair Co.

What is a Windsor back chair?

A Windsor chair is a chair built with a solid wooden seat into which the chair-back and legs are round-tenoned, or pushed into drilled holes, in contrast to standard chairs (whose back legs and back uprights are continuous). The seats of Windsor chairs were often carved into a shallow dish or saddle shape for comfort.

Are Hitchcock chairs still made?

While the vast majority of furniture sold in the United States is made overseas, Swenson said part of the Hitchcock Chair Company’s continued success is that all of their furniture is still made in America.

What is a Hitchcock rocking chair?

Hitchcock chairs are distinctive for their decorative, gold or light-colored painted designs, with seats made from rush, cane or wood, according to the “Dictionary of Furniture” by Charles Boyce (Henry Holt and Co., $19.95). The front legs often are turned and the rear legs extend vertically to the stiles.

How do you tell if you have a Windsor chair?

Look at the chair’s legs. An American Windsor will have angled legs, whereas the English chair legs were straight. Check the chair’s plank seat to see how thick it is. Generally, older chairs will have thicker seats.

Why is it called a Windsor chair?

The Windsor Chair takes its name from the English town of Windsor, where it originated around 1710. This type of chair is a form of wooden seating in which the back and sides consist of multiple thin, turned spindles that are attached to a solid, sculpted seat.

What is a Windsor rocking chair?

A Windsor chair is a chair built with a solid wooden seat into which the chair-back and legs are round-tenoned, or pushed into drilled holes, in contrast to standard chairs (whose back legs and back uprights are continuous).

Are Windsor chairs outdated?

The Windsor chair has remained a staple in country and cottage styles, reflecting its origins, but now is easily mixed into other design styles thanks to its simple lines and elegant silhouette.

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