Where can I find antique bank vault doors?

Where can I find antique bank vault doors?

Antique round vault doors of this caliber which exhibit this level of detail are extremely hard to find. This is one of two doors from a bank building in West Virginia. While both doors are beautifully constructed, this iconic round vault door which safeguarded the main vault is one of the most impressive we’ve found to date.

How old is the Diebold bank vault door?

DIEBOLD VAULT AND HUNDREDS OF SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES ALL KEYS AND CODES OPEN TO ALL OFFERS Diebold Vault Door only 11 years old. Also Safe Deposit Boxes with both keys, Teller Cages and much more.

What kind of vault door does Wells Fargo use?

Vault Door and Safe Deposit Bo… Diebold Vault Door still installed from Old Wells Fargo Bank. Great shape.We will remove and load on site. No delivery. Vintage bank vault door made by The Mosler Company in 1955. This includes the vault door, frame, inner door cage and safe vent.

How big is a modular bank vault door?

Mosier Modular Bank Vault aprox 15 feet by 10 feet, Bank Vault Door is Three Spin Combination Lock With Heavy Duty Door, wanting to sale […] 20’x30′ Modular Vault and Door We are remodeling a space that has an existing 20’x30′ So-Cal Safe Modular Vault and security door.

How old is an old bank vault door?

On very rare occasions a heavy duty, hundred year old antique vault door from a bank turns up, with original paint and graphics. They are difficult to get out and are expensive.

Is it safe to remove a bank vault?

Or we can just remove the Bank Vault door to allow better access to the space, if a full removal of the bank vault is not financially viable. Bank Vault disassembly is dangerous business and must be done in a specific manner to maintain safety. Not the job for just any demolition company.

Is it possible to buy a used vault door?

Finding a used vault door that fits your needs may be a challenge, but if you get lucky, you might find something cool for a reasonable price. Learn more about the different types of used vault doors below. Most people are familiar with the big stainless steel doors they see on their banks’ cash vaults or safe deposit rooms.

Is there a gift shop in a bank vault?

Located in the old People’s State Bank building, the center now features a ceramic studio, a sales gallery, a photo lab and a gift shop — the latter, seen here, in the bowels of the old vault. We just love the two ceramic bulldogs guarding the shop entrance. Somehow, the thick safe door, said to date to 1928, doesn’t seem out of place at all.

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