What is an L drink?

What is an L drink?

The energy drink is specifically formulated to provide vegetable-based nutritional support during the diet. It provides you with glycerol, which in the fasting mode helps to protect amino acids (to preserve lean body mass) and promote hydration. Check out this great tip for the L-drink by @healthy_mamacita 👇.

What is in the L drink from ProLon?

The L-Drink contains glycerol and it is intended to preserve lean body mass and support hydration.

Do you have to drink the tea on ProLon?

As the ProLon® dietary program provides all one needs for nourishment during the 5 days, while letting the powerful self-repair and rejuvenation mechanisms work, no extra foods or drinks (other than water and decaffeinated tea) should be consumed while on ProLon® to avoid reducing its efficacy.

What is called ladies drink?

The reason why vodka is generally considered a woman’s drink is probably the sweet and sugary beverages they choose to mix them with. Many men don’t tend to mix their alcohol with sweet beverages. This gives the impression that vodka is primarily a ladies drink, but many guys enjoy it as well.

Can you drink tea on ProLon?

The Prolon plan says you can have one coffee or caffeinated tea a day “if necessary”, but I decide to go without it and get the full potential benefits – if there are any.

Do you gain weight back after ProLon?

Weight loss In a small clinical study, ProLon® was shown over three cycles (once a month for 3 months) to help individuals lose an average of 5.7 pounds and 1.6 inches off their waist circumference [5]. Unsurprisingly, most people gain back the lost weight shortly after completing a fasting diet.

How much weight do you lose on ProLon?

In contrast, ProLon can be done without doctor supervision in your own own home. In a published human trial, one 5-day ProLon cycle resulted in an average of 5 pounds of weight loss and a 1-inch loss of fat around the waistline.

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