Suits Season 8 Will See Meghan Markle Indirectly, Patrick J Adams Said

In the famous US-based Suits, Meghan Markle performed one of the primary characters up until she chose to marry Prince Harry and left her stage career. In the next final season, actor Patrick J Adams says Sussex Duchess isn’t present physically, but the show still honors her personality.

In the hit legal drama for seven years Adams, who has started against Markle, said the fresh installment will talk about their Mike and Rachel, who are happily married and settled in Seattle, on-screen personalities.

We are glad, I promise you they’re glad, for Mike, this is a journey to New York, they’re building their lives in Seattle, they sound like he’s doing good. It seems to me that Mike’s doing well. Everything that happens to me in Seattle is very good. Rachel is calling and saying, Goodbye, I love you, you know, I think that’s a clear acknowledgment, I think that’s a good thing. There is nothing.

Markle left the show in 2017, after her seventh season finished, after her involvement in Prince Harry. The actors showed that they marry Markle and Prince Harry as a hat tip in season 7 and that Adam’s left to Suits at the end of that season.

Last month, Adams was announced to resume his role in the final season of the popular series. The ten-episode finale is scheduled for airing on the USA Network on 17 July and Netflix on 19 July.

Meghan Markle’s Rachel Zane may have left Suits for the final of the season 7, but she was only written off the show a year later. For several years, Markle was one of the six major legal directors for the US Network and a paragon of the famous New York company. Mike Rott (Pat. J. Adams) lastly got together, tied up the knot and left the show, after the love link to Harvey Spectra’s (Gabriel Macht). The exit of Markle was because of her subsequent wedding with Prince Harry after a few years secretly.


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