How do I find my china pattern name?

How do I find my china pattern name?

Pattern Names Some manufacturers even include the pattern name etched on the underside of dinner plates. Early, old china might not have this information, but you can find it by comparing your china to pattern photos online or inside reference books once you’ve identified the manufacturer.

Is Spode made in china?

Spode is a brand of china that was first made in the 1770s in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Today Spode has been purchased by the Portmeirion Group, and is one of several brands it makes. And nowadays some pieces are made in other countries, including China.

What is the most expensive china in the world?

Royal Copenhagen makes some of the finest and most expensive china dishes in the world. The Flora Danica pattern retails for nearly seven thousand dollars for a five piece place setting.

What is the story behind Blue Willow china?

The Legend of the Blue Willow Tso Ling was the father of a beautiful girl, Kwang-se, who was the promised bride of an old but wealthy merchant. The girl, however, fell in love with Chang, her father’s clerk. The lovers eloped across the sea to the cottage on the island.

What is the most popular bone china?

Blue Willow (A.K.A. “Willow Blue”) is one of the most popular lines of fine china out there, and has been in production since the 1700s. Because of the immense popularity of the design, many makers have put their own spin on it, including Spode and Johnson Brothers.

How can I identify the maker of my teapot?

Consult a china replacement service. A china replacement service such as Replacements, Ltd. will help you identify the maker and pattern of your teapot without charge. You will need to send an image of your pot, including its markings, to the company via fax, e-mail or letter. Consult a china replacement service.

How can you tell when a tea set was made?

Tea sets with Ltd. or Limited on the bottom states it was made after 1860. Look at the numbers on the bottom of the tea set. Numbers represent the code of the manufacturer, a pattern number or its registration number.

How can you tell if a teapot is silver?

If the piece is silver, look at the Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Makers’ Marks. Study books on collecting teapots. Look at the descriptions and pictures of collectible teapots in order to recognize which marks identify which makers.

Where can I go to buy a China teapot?

The website World Collectors Net features a message board specifically for teapot collectors to post questions, which are then answered by other collectors. has a Teapot Collector’s Club where members can post pictures and discuss their collectibles. Consult a china replacement service.

How can I tell if my teapot is made of China?

If your teapot is made of china or pottery, try the online guides Marks4Ceramics or the International Ceramic Directory. If the piece is silver, look at the Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Makers’ Marks. Study books on collecting teapots.

What’s the best way to identify a silver teapot?

A second option is to contact a museum that features china and silver, and see if one of their experts is available for a consultation. Finally, many large antiques stores host days when they offer the services of an expert appraiser for a small fee or for free.

How can you tell the age of a teapot?

Look for books that list pottery marks or silver marks. You may not be able to memorize most of them; so focus on the marks on your teapot. As we mentioned earlier, you can estimate the age of a teapot based on its shape. In the 18 th century, teapots went through significant changes.

What makes a teapot an antique teapot?

However, this is not to mean that just because a teapot has straight sides, it is antique. Teapots come in a variety of shapes. However, the more unusual and interesting the shape of the teapot is, the more antique it might be. One of the major features of antique teapots is the uneven nature of the holes leading to the spout.

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