Which mutual fund is best for ELSS?

Which mutual fund is best for ELSS?

Axis mutual fund.

  • Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund.
  • Canara Robeco Mutual Fund.
  • Kotak Mutual Fund.
  • DSP Blackrocks Mutual Fund.
  • L Mutual Fund.
  • Edelweiss Mutual Fund.
  • Mirae Mutual Fund.
  • Which SBI Mutual Fund comes under 80C?

    SBI Magnum Taxgain Scheme: Investment in a portfolio of equity shares, while offering deduction under Section 80 C of IT Act, 1961. SBI Magnum Global Fund : Investment in India equities, PCDs and FCDs from selected industries with high-growth potential to provide investors maximum growth opportunity.

    How do I close my ELSS mutual fund?

    An investment in ELSS comes with a lock in period of three years. Hence, you can not withdraw invested amount from ELSS mutual funds before completing three years. ELSS funds offer a simple way to get tax benefits and at the same time get an opportunity to gain from the potential of equity markets.

    Is ELSS better than PPF?

    From the table above, you can see that a PPF investment is a relatively safer option. However, PPF offers much lower returns over a longer time horizon than ELSS. The tax benefits and capital safety are more in favour of PPF; ELSS certainly is an option for better returns.

    Which is best mutual fund in SBI?

    Top 10 Sbi Mutual Funds

    Fund Name Category Risk
    SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund Equity Very High
    SBI Focused Equity Fund Equity Very High
    SBI Equity Hybrid Fund Hybrid Very High
    SBI Nifty Index Direct Plan-GrowthFund Other Very High

    What if I stop ELSS before 3 years?

    The simple answer to this question is No. ELSS investments do not provide the option to withdraw the investment amount before the end of the 3-year lock-in period. In ELSS, investors are given fund units against their invested amount. It is to these units that the lock-in period applies.

    Can I hold ELSS after 3 years?

    All ELSS funds have a lock-in period of three years. Once the lock-in period ends for a particular instalment/lump sum investment, the ELSS becomes an open-ended equity-oriented investment scheme with full liquidity.

    Which ELSS is best to invest in 2020?

    Invesco India Tax Plan.

  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96.
  • DSP Tax Saver.
  • Kotak Tax Saver.
  • ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity Fund.
  • Motilal Oswal Long Term Equity.
  • Tata India Tax Savings. Uses a blend of growth and value styles of investment.
  • Nippon India Tax Saver. Aims at generating sustained long term growth.
  • What is the risk in ELSS?

    Market risk: Equity-linked savings scheme (ELSS) invests a major portion of your money in equity and equity-related securities; hence they are exposed to market fluctuations. A poorly performing market due to recession, inflation, interest rate fluctuation or political unrest may result in losses.

    Is ELSS maturity tax free?

    The Long-Term Capital Gains on ELSS are tax-exempt up to Rs 1 lakh, and dividend received is tax-free in the hands of investors. You can continue to invest in this scheme even after the completion of the lock-in period of three years.

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