When would a numbered list be used instead of a bulleted list?

When would a numbered list be used instead of a bulleted list?

Write bulleted lists for items that don’t have to be in one order and numbered lists for items that must be in order.

How do I get rid of bullets or numbers in a list?

Removing Bullets or Numbers On the Home tab, click Bullets. To remove bullets, on the Bullets tab, select None. To remove numbers instead, click the Numbered tab and select None. Click OK.

How do I keep bullet numbers in Word?

Right-click the numbered list. Click Set Numbering Value. Click to select the Continue From Previous List button and then click OK.

How do I change the default bullets in Word?

On Home tab, expand Styles, select one of the items in the list as a starting point (say List Paragraph) and click on New Style (bottom left). Change Name to something meaningful (say Bullet 12p) and under Formatting enter or select 12 immediately to the right of the font name, OK.

Which is the default bullet style?

As a default, Word uses a small dot as the bullet. You can change the bullet to any character you desire. You can change the bullets by following these steps: Choose the Bullets and Numbering option from the Format menu.

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