What was the paper used for the Havell Edition of birds of America?

What was the paper used for the Havell Edition of birds of America?

Today the work is known as the Havell Edition of Birds of America . Each plate was a copper plate engraving with aquatint and etching, with hand coloring. The paper used was a hand made fine wove cotton rag paper made by the J. Whatman firm of London.

What kind of birds did Audubon have in his prints?

Pl 55, Cuvier’s Wren Audubon Havell Ed. Pl 63, White-eyed Flycatcher Audubon Havell Ed. Pl 72, Swallow-tailed Hawk Audubon Havell Ed. Pl 93, Sea-side Finch

How much did it cost to buy the Audubon plates?

The subscription cost for all 435 plates was about $1000.00, in currency of the time. The entire set was generally bound into four volumes, with each volume weighing nearly 50 pounds. There were ap proximately 200 different subscribers, but not all of them purchased the entire set of 435.

How many complete Audubon book sets are there?

Of the estimated 160-180 complete sets published, author Susanne M. Low has discovered and catalogued approximately 110 complete sets that survive today. Virtually all are four volume bound sets. Museums and other institutions, both public and private, own the vast majority of these sets.

What kind of paper is Audubon Havell Edition printed on?

These are copperplate engravings printed on high quality double elephant folio size wove paper with a watermark (either J. Whatman or J. Whatman Turkey Mill, followed by the year). These plates (commonly referred to as the ” Havell Edition “) are known for the exquisite and unsurpassed beauty and details in the images, and the fresh vibrant colors.

How many copies of birds of America did Audubon print?

Also important, they display the tremendous skill of the engravers that he recruited for this ambitious project (Lizars from Scotland and the two Havells in London) that resulted in the final finished plates that were included in the BOA. Audubon printed only a small number of the full sets of the BOA (estimated to be between 175 to 200 copies).

What are the names of the Audubon Birds?

Audubon Havell Ed. Pl 24, Roscoe’s Yellow Throat Audubon Havell Ed. Pl 24, Roscoe’s Yellow Throat Audubon Havell Ed. Pl 26, Carolina Parrot Audubon Havell Ed. Pl 27, Red-headed Woodpecker Audubon Havell Ed. Pl 29, Towee Bunting Audubon Havell Ed. Pl 30, Vigors Vireo Audubon Havell Ed. Pl 31, White-headed Eagle Audubon Havell Ed.

What kind of plates did Audubon use?

These double elephant folio original plates from the BOA successfully capture the incredible beauty of Audubon’s original watercolor paintings.

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