What is the relationship between Prospero and Ariel in The Tempest?

What is the relationship between Prospero and Ariel in The Tempest?

In “The Tempest,” the relationship between Prospero and Ariel is one of master and servant. Prospero is the master and Ariel is the servant. In Act 1, Scene 2, Prospero calls to Ariel, “Come away, servant, come.” Then Ariel greets Prospero by saying, “All hail, great master!” Thou has howled away twelve winters.

How is revenge shown in The Tempest?

Every action committed by Prospero is deeply influenced by his desire of revenge. The Tempest itself was conjured by Prospero to bring the people on that ship to his island so he could teach them a lesson. He does not make use of any hurtful means to get his revenge.

What does Ariel symbolize in The Tempest?

The Tempest Early in the play, Ariel reports the plot to murder Prospero, and later, he assists in punishing Prospero’s enemies. Ariel’s obedience is an important symbol of Prospero’s humanity, because he ameliorates Prospero’s role on the island and humanizes the action that Prospero takes against his old adversaries.

What is the message of The Tempest?

In The Tempest there are two key themes. One is the value of freedom, including the idea that freedom can sometimes be found in service. The other major theme is forgiveness. Prospero forgives multiple characters who have previously wronged him, including his brother Antonio.

How did Ariel become Prospero’s servant?

Ariel and Caliban both became Prospero’s servants because he killed Sycorax. Ariel was one of Sycorax’s victims.

How do Ariel and Caliban feel about their status?

Through song and poetry, the reader can view Ariel as more forgiving than Caliban has his words are softer and more intellectual even. Due to Prospero’s resuce of Ariel, Ariel has much more graditude and respect towards his master. Caliban on the other hand, has a completely opposite attitude towards Prospero.

Why did Prospero give up his magic powers?

Prospero therefore uses magic to right a wrong and restore himself to power. However, once he accomplishes his goal, he resolves to abandon magic and rid himself of its corrupting influence for good.

Why does Miranda fall asleep?

Miranda suddenly grows very sleepy, perhaps because Prospero charms her with his magic. When she is asleep, Prospero calls forth his spirit, Ariel. When everyone except the crew had abandoned the ship, Ariel made sure, as Prospero had requested, that all were brought safely to shore but dispersed around the island.

Why was Miranda ignorant of who Prospero was?

ANS: Miranda was ignorant of who Prospero was because when his dukedom was taken away from him, she was only three years old. Being so young it was not possible to recall all the things which happened 12 years ago. The items necessary for Prospero to practice magic were his books and his cloak.

Why was sycorax not killed?

Sycorax, while pregnant, was banished from Algiers to the Mediterranean island for practicing sorcery, in parallel with Prospero’s being usurped because of his immersion in his studies rather than in governing his state, and ending up on the island. Like Prospero, too, she was spared death.

How does Prospero manipulate Miranda?

Prospero tries to control Miranda’s knowledge of their lives in Milan by keeping it a secret from her. He continues to show his power over by trying to set up Miranda and Ferdinand for marriage but allowing them to believe it was their idea and not his. He also has magically powers that he uses on other people.

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