What is the famous crop grown in?

What is the famous crop grown in?

maize is grown in rabi season also. Use of modern inputs such as HYV seeds, fertilisers and irrigation have contributed to the increasing production of maize. Major maize-producing states are Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh.

What is crop famous for?

Jowar: Jowar is a major food grain in India as well. Other important producers of Jowar include states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

What is the most popular crop to grow?

The most planted crops throughout the world are wheat and maize (corn). Rice and soybeans are other key staples.

What is poor man’s protein?

Called the ‘Poor man’s protein’, sattu is the latest food which is steadily gaining popularity. Thanks to Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, this underrated food ingredient has received the much deserving recognition in the recent times. It is basically a flour-like ingredient that…

What is poor man’s food?

Potatoes were also inexpensive and used extensively. Some meals even used both. One of these meals was called the Poor Man’s Meal. It combined potatoes, onions, and hot dogs into one hearty, inexpensive dish, which was perfect for the hard times people had fallen on.

Which crop is Zaid?

In between the rabi and the kharif seasons, there is a short season during the summer months known as the zaid season. Some of the crops produced during zaid are watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, vegetables and fodder crops. Sugarcane takes almost a year to grow.

What is Egypt’s famous crop?

Cotton has traditionally been the most important fibre crop in Egypt and the leading agricultural export crop. Sugar crops. Sugar cane is the main sugar crop in upper Egypt.

Which crop is famous in Egypt Class 7th?

cotton crop is the famous in Egypt …….

What is Egypt’s second largest city?

Alexandria – Egypt’s second largest city and former capital.

What makes a successful crop from a garden?

The variety of the crop itself as well as soil, seeds, timing, weeds and other factors all play a role in success or failure. No matter where in the world you grow food or what you grow, the keys to getting a successful crop from your garden are always the same.

What are the most profitable crops to grow?

There are plenty of profitable crops that you could grow on your small farm. Deciding which crops are right for your situation will depend on many different factors​, besides the obvious ones of such as climate and soil.

Which is the hardest crop in the world to grow?

Wasabi is hard to grow since it prefers freshwater streams. It’s hard to grow in large quantities in a greenhouse because it’s susceptible to disease. In fact, it’s considered one of the hardest crops in the world to grow. It follows that with that reputation comes a high price tag.

What kind of crops are used in crop rotation?

Some typical crops used in rotation are cereals, legumes, and vegetables. They are selected for their part in balancing the composition of the soil and also for profitability. The crops used are usually of three types – row crops like vegetables, close-growing cereals, and rest crops like legumes or clover.

Which is the most profitable crop to grow?

Saffron, Cardamom, Pure Vanilla beans, etc are considered the most profitable and commercial cash crops to grow. #15. Staples Staples like rice, corn, root and tuber crops are generally considered as subsistence crops. However they are also often market partly or in whole. These have also a great export value. #16. Sugarcane

What kind of crops are grown in England?

Other notable crops grown across England include oats and corn as well as barley, which is mainly cultivated for feeding livestock, malted beverage production and other industrial purposes. Rapeseed is grown in abundance on English soil and is the source for canola oil for cooking.

What makes a good cash crop for a farm?

Identifying and selecting the profitable cash crop plants to grow is the most crucial factor in a successful commercial farming business. Cash crops are simply plants that are grown or managed, harvested and sold for cash rather than for sustenance. In earlier times cash crops were usually only a small part of a farm’s total yield.

What’s the best way to grow a valuable crop?

Rake back the leaves and plant them directly in the native soil – no fertilizer necessary. The crop is so valuable that a growing guide from Purdue University recommends protecting your investment by “installing security cameras, keeping guard dogs, and embedding microchips” in the roots.

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