What is the climate and soil requirement of maize?

What is the climate and soil requirement of maize?

Maize requires a temperature of 26°C – 300C, rainfall of between 75cm – 1 5ocmper annum and a well-drained sandy loamy soil of pH6-7.

What type of soil is required for maize?

Maize can be grown successfully in variety of soils ranging from loamy sand to clay loam. However, soils with good organic matter content having high water holding capacity with neutral pH are considered good for higher productivity.

What does maize do to the soil?

Maize is a tall crop with widely spaced stalks, leaving relatively large areas of soil exposed throughout the growing season – this leaves bare soil vulnerable to erosion, as well as doing little to slow run-off in times of heavy rain.

What are the climatic requirements of maize?

Maize is grown in temperatures between 18°C and 27°C during the day and around 14°C during the night. But the most important factor is the 140 frost-free days. The crop is very susceptible to frost; therefore, its cultivation in temperate latitudes is limited.

What type of climate is required for maize?

The maize crop requires sufficient moisture in the soil since its inception. Temperature of 18 to 23 degree Celsius for deposition and 28 degree Celsius temperature is considered good for growth and development. Maize can be grown in all types of soil.

What is the method of planting maize?

The method of Planting: Planting is done either by hand or mechanically, and it may be done on hills or in rows, on ridges or on flat land. 1-3 seeds of maize are planted at 75-85 cm spacing between rows, and 25-40 cm spacing in a row. Wide spacing results in more weed growth and increases erosion.

What are 5 uses of maize?

Maize is generally used for animal feed. It is widely processed into various types of products such as cornmeal, grits, starch, flour, tortillas, snacks, and breakfast cereals.

Who is the largest producer of maize in the world?

The United States of America
The United States of America is the top country by maize production in the world. As of 2020, maize production in the United States of America was 360,252 thousand tonnes that accounts for 33.84% of the world’s maize production.

What is the correct spacing for maize?

Fourth, for good growth and development, maize should be planted at the right spacing. The recommended spacing is 75cm between rows and 25cm for plants. The planting holes should be about 5cm deep. The right spacing ensures good crop growth, makes it easier to weed and reduces the spread of pests and diseases.

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