What is a scalloped serving spoon used for?

What is a scalloped serving spoon used for?

A sugar spoon is a piece of cutlery used for serving granulated sugar. This type of spoon resembles a teaspoon, except that the bowl is deeper and often molded in the shape of a sea shell, giving it the name sugar shell.

Why is a sugar spoon scalloped?

The shape of the spoon separates the sugar on the spoon, making it easier to only get part of the sugar off the spoon. This allows better control over the sugar, so someone using a sugar spoon to scoop sugar into coffee or tea can limit the amount.

What is short for tablespoon?

Culinary measure In recipes, an abbreviation like tbsp. is usually used to refer to a tablespoon, to differentiate it from the smaller teaspoon (tsp.). Some authors additionally capitalize the abbreviation, as Tbsp., while leaving tsp. The tablespoon abbreviation is sometimes further abbreviated to Tb. or T.

Where can I find an antique sugar spoon?

Antique “R” monogrammed silverplated sugar spoon from 1847 Roger Bors. Co. in the Columbia pattern. Dates back to 1893. This is an art nouveau pattern and the bowl has a shell design. Measures 6″ long. Marked 1847 ROGERS BROS.

What kind of silver spoons are from Sheffield?

Silver Plated Handle 24k Gold Bowl. Gotham (Birmingham) Sheffield Kings Serving Spoon Sterling Silver? or Plate? VINTAGE SILVER PLATE SERVING SPOON TONG SQUEEZE HANDLE PATENT PENDING SHEFFIELD? COOPER BROS. SHEFFIELD ENGLAND LG. SLOTTED SERVING SPOON~8 14″L. Vintage Sheffield England Silver Plated Serving Spoon – Olives. Gold washed

What kind of spoon is used for powdered sugar?

Sterling Silver Confection Spoon c. 1900 – Confection spoons were used to sift powdered sugar over berries and pastries. ANTIQUE 1800s Rare FRENCH CHAMPLEVE Sugar Berry Spoon 19th Century Enamel Brass. Make your own cheap sugar scrub_ this totally works, but I added a little bit more oil than what they called for.

How tall is the Isabella pattern sugar spoon?

The Isabella pattern was made by International Silver and dates from the early 1900’s. The bowl measures 1 5/8 inches across. The stem is 4 inches tall. From end to end, the spoon measures 6 inches. Overall this spoon is in very good condition given its age.

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