What happened to Sunohara in Clannad?

What happened to Sunohara in Clannad?

Later in ~After Story~, he graduates along with Tomoya, and attends Nagisa’s own graduating ceremony in Graduation after being begged by Tomoya, and visits Nagisa when she is sick and pregnant. He is replaced by Akio Furukawa in his role as a comic relief character.

Does Sunohara like Tomoya?

He and Tomoya are known as the “Dirty Pair” in school. His hair is naturally black; he bleaches it blond. He has a younger sister named Mei Sunohara. By ditching all the girls and getting a bad ending in the visual novel, Tomoya will confess his love to Sunohara.

Why did Tomoya end up with Tomoyo?

Due to Tomoya’s head injury, he suffers from amnesia which caused him to remember until his years in middle school. Before Tomoya succumbs into another memory loss, he proposes his marriage to Tomoyo. In the next awakening, Tomoyo only revealed her engagement and he remembered his love for her.

How did Tomoya die?

Tomoya’s daughter dies in his arms. As he succumbs to the pain and grief of losing both Nagisa and Ushio, he collapses into the snow. It is theorized that he dies as he collapses, as he stops moving, crying, and seemingly, breathing.

Who ends up with Sunohara?

It’s hinted that he will stay with her and not end up like his father. Youhei then storms in and, together with Tomoya, beats up the whole soccer club for bullying Mei. ~After Story~ Edit. In the end, Nagisa gets Tomoya and Youhei to sign up, and she reassures them that she will not ask them to act on stage.

How old is Mei from Clannad?


Main Name Sunohara Mei (ch1123)
Age 13
Gender Identity female
Bloodtype A
Height (in cm) 152

Who does Sunohara end up with?

Who does Tomoya Aki end up with?

Tomoya is deeply grateful for this, and feels like Megumi was always there for him. Romantic interest from both of them is hinted as time progresses. And finally, in volume 12, he eventually confesses his love for Megumi.

Does Nagisa die?

Nagisa dies after giving birth to her daughter, Ushio. The connection Nagisa once had with the town, was passed on to her daughter. Tomoya disappears from Ushio’s life for five years. It seems like his life is becoming similar to the one his father led; and he doesn’t like his dad very much.

Does Tomoya kill himself?

Yes, the Illusion world was created as soon as Tomoya started his journey, more exactly when he chose Nagisa to live his life with. Which is what allows Tomoya and Ushio to exist in it, even though Ushio was not conceived/die and Tomoya did not die until later in the timeline in the real world.

Does yuzu have a crush on Aki?

Aki Shina. While in the situation Yuzu views Aki as a man and does have a crush on him, since she tried to only invite him personally to the festival and she is embarrassed by asking him to go.

Who does youhei Sunohara end up with?

Does Mei like Tomoya?

She is staying at her hometown of Honshu and worries constantly about her older brother. Mei is a big fan of Yusuke’s music. She also enjoys teasing Tomoya with her younger sister charm, calling him “onii-chan” (an endearing form of “older brother” in Japanese).

Does Okazaki get a girlfriend?

Nagisa Furukawa (古河渚, Furukawa Nagisa), later Nagisa Okazaki (岡崎渚, Okazaki Nagisa), is the main female protagonist and love interest of Tomoya Okazaki from the anime series Clannad.

Is Saekano a harem?

Saekano sets itself apart from other harem stories by making half of the female cast otaku. When placed side-by-side with the non-otaku, the audience can see a sharp contrast in their personalities and how their hobbies and lifestyles influence their behaviours.

Does Tomoya like Eriri?

But Tomoya even said that he wanted to be friends forever with Eriri, because she was the first and almost only otaku friend he had, and because of this, it is heavily implied that she has romantic feelings for him, but she never admits it although her feelings are very obvious.

Does Nagisa marry Kayano?

No, they dont. After the timeskip they start drifting apart as Nagisa becomes a teacher and Kayano becomes a actress. But who knows they may get together in the future.

Did Nagisa die after giving birth?

After giving birth to her, Nagisa dies. This deeply saddens Tomoya to the point he gave up raising Ushio and left her to the care of Akio and Sanae. Tomoya resorts to alcohol and cigarettes to ease depression.

Did Tomoya die?

Is there death in Clannad?

The Death of Nagisa Okazaki is when she gives birth to Ushio Okazaki and dies shortly afterwards. This happens in episode 16 of Clannad After Story This happens at the beginning of 2006 in the anime and 24 December 2006 in the visual novel. In the winter, Nagisa goes into labor two weeks early.

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