What does the East represent in The Great Gatsby?

What does the East represent in The Great Gatsby?

The west represents the new form of wealth, while the east represents old money.

What does the Midwest and East represent in The Great Gatsby?

Throughout the novel, places are associated with themes, characters, and ideas. The East is associated with a fast-paced lifestyle, decadent parties, crumbling moral values, and the pursuit of wealth, while the West and the Midwest are associated with more traditional moral values.

Why is the East Egg setting important to the novel?

Fitzgerald uses this setting to represent the themes of judgement and social status within the novel. Citizens of East Egg tend to be quite appearance based (one’s property must be groomed, individuals must dress fashionably and act in proper, mannerly fashion, etc.).

How does East Egg affect the characters?

West Egg represents the nouveau riche while East Egg represents the Old Money, and this separation of Long Island shows America’s struggle to shed their Old World values and adopt social equality. This is evident in the way he flaunts his wealth.

Who lives in East and West Egg in The Great Gatsby?

Tom and Daisy Buchanan live in East Egg, the wealthy and desirable side of town. Jay Gatsby lives in West Egg, which is populated by inappropriate people who have made their money through illegal means, such as bootlegging.

Does Nick Carraway live in East or West Egg?

He lives in the West Egg district of Long Island, next door to Gatsby. Nick is also Daisy’s cousin, which enables him to observe and assist the resurgent love affair between Daisy and Gatsby.

Is West Egg rich or poor?

While both East and West Egg are wealthy communities, families with inherited wealth, or “old money,” live in the more fashionable East Egg. In West Egg, by contrast, residents whose wealth is new, like Gatsby, conspicuously mimic European aristocracy to appear established.

What is the relationship between Gatsby and Nick?

Towards the beginning of the book, Gatsby and Nick have a very reserved and cordial relationship. They are friendly, but Nick feels as though Gatsby is hiding something and that he can’t be trusted. After Gatsby finds out that Nick is Daisy’s cousin, they begin spending more time together.

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