What are the main industries in New Zealand?

What are the main industries in New Zealand?

Primary industries: agriculture, forestry, fishing, and mining industries.

What are the main crops grown in New Zealand?

Horticulture production provides food for New Zealanders, with major crops including wine grapes, kiwi, potatoes, and apples to name a few. New Zealand’s horticulture production also contributes to the needs of the growing global population.

In which part of New Zealand is sheep farming?

In the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki and West Coast regions, dairy cattle predominate. Through the rest of New Zealand, sheep farming is the major rural activity, with beef cattle farming in the hills and high country, and dairying increasing in Canterbury, Otago and Southland.

Does New Zealand produce its own food?

Most of New Zealand’s lowland areas are now devoted to food production. Sheep meat makes up about half of all New Zealand’s meat exports. However, consumption of sheep, beef and poultry has fallen steadily since the mid 20th century, from 130 kilograms per person per year to 91 kilograms in the early 2000s.

Is NZ a poor country?

Fact 1: There is poverty in the midst of prosperity in Aotearoa New Zealand. There is poverty amidst prosperity: There are around 682,500 people in poverty in this country or one in seven households, including around 220,000 children.

What is the most common job in New Zealand?

Top 10 most searched jobs on careers.govt.nz in 2020

  1. Police officer. Police officer was also the most popular job in 2018 and 2019.
  2. Registered nurse. Registered nurse became the second most popular job, overtaking psychologist.
  3. Psychologist.
  4. Paramedic.
  5. Accountant.
  6. Electrician.
  7. Secondary school teacher.
  8. Architect.

What is the most popular fruit in New Zealand?

You guessed it – kiwis go bananas for… bananas! Data from Statistics NZ shows that kiwis drop more dough purchasing bananas than any other fruit. We munch our way through around 18kg of them a year (each!), which amounts to roughly two bananas per week.

What is New Zealand’s biggest export?

New Zealand’s Top 10 Exports

  • Meat: $5.6 billion (14.6%) Wood: $2.9 billion (7.6%)
  • Alcoholic beverages: $1.4 billion (3.8%)
  • Machines, engines, pumps: $1.3 billion (3.5%) Modified starches, enzymes: $1.1 billion (3%)
  • Other food preparations: $876.8 million (2.3%) Aluminum: $835.3 million (2.2%)

    What is the name of New Zealand’s largest city?

    1. Auckland (population 1,495,000) With a population of just under 1.5m, Auckland is comfortably the biggest city in New Zealand.

    What is the most common breed of sheep in New Zealand?

    It grows a heavy fleece used in carpets, furnishings and knitting yarns. The Romney was the single most popular breed in New Zealand through the 20th century. It currently makes up about 68% of the national flock – over 25 million sheep.

    What is New Zealand’s national dish?

    The hangi is a traditional Maori form of cooking, where food like fish, meat and kumara are smoked in a pit dug into the ground. This ‘earth oven’ is the perfect way to bring people together and cook a feast, and is still used for special occasions around the country.

    What is New Zealand’s national fruit?

    15 June 1959 Introduced to this country in 1904, kiwifruit are now cultivated worldwide, with New Zealand-grown fruit marketed as ‘Zespri’.

    Who is the richest person in NZ?

    Graeme Hart
    Graeme Hart is still New Zealand’s richest man, according to latest NBR list | 1 NEWS | TVNZ.

    What are the problems in New Zealand?

    The top three issues facing New Zealanders in May 2020 are the economy, followed by unemployment with housing / cost of housing in third position. Healthcare / hospitals and poverty / inequality occupied the fourth and fifth positions respectively.

    What jobs are in demand in New Zealand?

    Top 20 most-needed jobs in New Zealand

    Most-needed jobs Current rank Change since Feb
    Nursing-All roles 1 +4
    Administrative Assistants 2 -1
    Warehousing, Storage & Distribution 3 0
    Developers / Programmers 4 0

    What is the national fruit of New Zealand?

    The national fruit of New Zealand is no ordinary fruit. The vibrant green flesh specked with little black seeds and covered with hairy peel, Kiwi is packed with healthy goodness!

    What is the most popular food in NZ?

    New Zealand’s favourite food and drinks

    • Fresh, diverse and delicious, Kiwis love their food.
    • Crayfish and seafood.
    • New Zealand lamb.
    • Succulent and tender, roast lamb is a favourite for Kiwi’s.
    • Hāngī – food cooked under the ground.
    • The Māori hāngī is a traditional earth oven style of cooking.
    • Fish and chips.

    Which is the richest city in New Zealand?

    Queenstown and the Lakes District, the South Island’s internationally renowned tourist area, has been rated as New Zealand’s most affluent place to live.

    What is the name of the indigenous people native to New Zealand?

    Māori are the tangata whenua, the indigenous people, of New Zealand. They came here more than 1000 years ago from their mythical Polynesian homeland of Hawaiki.

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