The Face Behind Viral ‘Storm Area 51’ Event Gets A Surprise Visit From FBI, You Should Be Careful Too!

Face behind viral ‘Tempest Area 51’ Event gets an unexpected FBI visit.

On June 27, a Facebook account with an unsocial name shared an occasion called ‘Tempest Area 51. His genuine name is Matt Robert from California. They can’t stop we all’. “WE will all get together at Area 51 Alien focus vacation spot and organize our entrance.

In the event that we Naruto run we can move quicker than their slugs. How about we see them, outsiders.” The man behind this made this occasion as an image. He didn’t realize his image will wind up with an unexpected FBI visit.

It is planned for 3 AM on September 20. The occasion should happen in Amargosa Valley, Nev. It’s a hidden military site at the Nevada Test and Training Range, a unit of the Nellis Air Force base in southern Nevada.

In excess of a million people demonstrated their enthusiasm for this occasion. About 1.2millon individuals were keen on this occasion and 1.6 million we’re setting off to this occasion.

The Federal Government officially recognized the presence of Area 51 out of 2013. The C.I.A discharged an arranged report of the covert agent planes tried there during the 1950s. This Area was made for the investigation of extraterrestrial life.

This image grabbed the eye of the Air Force as well. The Air Force representative said that they know about the action. “Any endeavor to unlawfully get to army bases or military preparing region is risky.” The representative included.

Maybe being a joke, individuals paid attention to it. Various causalities were seen in the regions close to Area 51. The little A’Le’Inn in Rachel has gotten a surprisingly high number of bookings for a specific date.


The co-proprietor of the Inn said that a large portion of the calls they get are for September 20 appointments.

In any case, the Air Force representative said that they are constantly prepared for such a circumstance. The base is exceptionally verified. They have enough helicopters and military air ships at the base.

The face behind this occasion said that he never proposed for this occasion to be taken actually. “It’s totally humorous,” he said.

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