Stranger Things Season 4: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

With Stranger Things being such a hit among the Netflix viewers, this sci-fi fictitious horror series has successfully made the audience stand and wait in awe post each of its seasons. The story revolves around a boy, Will, who goes missing under the most unreal circumstances and there is no clue about his whereabouts. An unrelated girl named Eleven, with psychokinetic powers is helping in the search of the boy.

The Story so far

Eleven is a girl who is being experimented upon by scientists in their laboratory for their various gruesome research. Additionally, there is also the presence of a deathless evil monster Mind Flayer, who is taking on to destroy the whole town.

The story so far has proceeded to the rescue of the Will with the help of his friends, accompanied by Eleven, his mother (Joyce) and the police chief officer (Jim Hopper). But as the story progresses and Will is rescued from a surreal place called the Upside Down, Eleven vanishes by the end of season 3 and also, the Police chief officer, Jim Hopper dies.

The Return of Season 4 

With all the three seasons being a tremendous hit so far, Season 4 is much awaited. Although there had been speculations whether there will be season 4, some recent interviews from the producers of the show, have indirectly confirmed that there will be a season 4 and the show will be returning sometime soon. 

What can we expect?

Many ideas are afloat as to what is in store for season 4, one of them stands that Mind Flayer might be stronger than before and also might be notoriously active disguised as eleven. 

It was seen in season 3 last episode that Mind Flayer had attacked Eleven and injured her ankle. As the facts states, whoever is attacked and injured by Mind Flayer, there is no curing and the person is prone to infection.  Anyone, infected by Mind Flayer is eventually solely controlled and governed by the beast itself. If this stands true, it will lead to havoc and destruction and also portray Eleven as the vile character. 

However, all of this is a mere idea that is concluded from the end of season 3. We all will surely have to wait for the release of season 4 to put all our expectations and ideas to rest.


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