Netflix’s Ozark Season 3: Predicted Plot and Release Date Revealed! Major Updates Inside

1) Predicted Plot

The Byrdes have been strong since the very beginning of the series. Although, the four of them have had many clashes throughout the run of two seasons. However, it was always crucial for them to stick together, which forced them to support each other despite the disputes. Yet this time around, there are chances that Marty and Wendy may become rivals.

Speculations have arisen around the internet, that the two may enter a hard clash which may turn out into dangerous for either of them. The clocks are ticking for Marty as fans are afraid that this fight may imply to be brutal for him. Moreover, actor Jason Bateman, who plays the role, stated that he is concerned only for Marty. Since the beginning of his drug cartel, the lead character manages to handle everything no matter what. But will he be able to deal with his own family?

2)Ozark Season 3 Release Date

Ozark has had an unpredictable pattern of release right from the debut since then in June 2017. Season two took more than a year to premiere on August 2018. The preproduction for the series began just a few months ago, in May of this year. Until now, there’s no sign of a new update coming any soon. Hence, we might have to wait a bit to hear anything about the release. Although, chances suggest that Season 3 may arrive at the end of 2019.

3) Exciting Cast Additions

Ozark has a brilliant and incredible cast that perfectly fits the given role. Above all, the makers are adding a few new characters to the list. The makers have officially announced the cast updates.


4 actors have been added to the cast of Ozark Season 3. This includes Marvel’s Iron Fist fame, Tom Pelphrey, to play one of the most-anticipated additions of this season. His character, Ben Davis, is Wendy’s brother. Moreover, Jessica Francis Duke from ‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ will also join . She’ll be there to create disputes for Marty as the FBI agent and forensic accountant Maya Miller. Joseph Sikora (Power) and Felix Solis (Ten Days in the Valley) land recurring roles in Ozark Season 3. Joseph will be playing the son of Kansas City mob boss, Frank Cosgrove Jr. On the other hand, Felix will be here as Omar Navarro, the leader of Mexico’s second-largest drug cartel.

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