How thick are steel inground pool walls?

How thick are steel inground pool walls?

Standard thickness of swimming pool walls When constructing a pool, concrete first gets poured over a steel framework on the pool floor. Afterward, concrete gets poured on the swimming pool walls. During this process, most pool contractors make sure the pool walls have a thickness of about 3 to 4 inches.

What gauge steel is a pool wall?

14 Gauge
Don’t Compromise on Quality! 14 Gauge North American steel is the standard option on ALL Royal Swimming Pools steel swimming pool kits. The steel goes through a premium G235 Zinc Galvanization process to ensure it resists all the elements.

How thick are the walls of a pool?

between three and four inches
Generally, the pool walls need to be between three and four inches thick. Smooth the pool walls with your trowel, as you did for the base. Now the concrete has to cure properly before you can fill it with water.

How do you measure pool walls?

Measuring Your Pool Wall When you measure the height of your pool wall, measure from outside the pool (not inside the pool), from the bottom rail to just under the top rail to ensure the most accurate pool wall height.

How strong do pool walls need to be?

The Best Concrete Pool Thickness The average concrete strength is 3500-4000 psi . It has a super high compressive strength (it’s difficult to crush) but a low tensile strength—it’s easy to crack if something tries to bend it or pull it apart. This is why you have to support it with steel.

Is pool wall foam necessary?

Benefits of Wall Foam Since the vinyl pool liner is one of the softest and most vital parts of an above ground pool, wall foam is important because it adds an extra layer of protection between the liner and metal components of the pool.

How do you calculate pool shotcrete?

Multiply the total square feet times the thickness of the floors and walls. For example, if your walls are 300 feet square and 8 inches thick ( 8 inches converted to feet is . 75), multiply 300 times . 75, and you have the total cubic feet of concrete to be poured.

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