How much is my Limoges plate worth?

How much is my Limoges plate worth?

While many have a white background, it’s common to find Haviland plates with blue to green backgrounds and pink to rose-colored flowers. Most continue to sell for $100 to $200. Among the more unique and higher-priced examples include misty white scenes with rare flowers like digitalis.

Does Limoges still make China?

Today, Limoges remains a vibrant region for porcelain production and continues to signify quality and expert craftsmanship. Beyond these aspects, Limoges has also continued to hold its celebrity in the ceramics world due in part to a variety of more recent design and artistic collaborators.

How much is a set of Haviland china worth?

Today, ice green Peacocks plates sell at auction for $250 to $750. You could probably get $750 for your plate, which appears to be in perfect condition. There are versions of the plate that are more rare – emerald green plates would be worth $900 to $1,800, amethyst, $500 to $1,050, Farrell says.

Is Limoges china expensive?

For more traditional pieces of Limoges from the 19th Century, collectors will pay from $500 to $5,000 depending on form, age, condition, and other factors. Keep sets of Limoges china intact since a complete service will be more valuable than stray pieces alone.

Is Haviland a bone china?

David Haviland, a china importer who partnered with his brother Daniel, moved to Limoges, France in 1842 so he could begin producing decorated china made expressly for the American market. In the beginning, he purchased whiteware from many Limoges factories and had the pieces decorated in Paris.

What is Haviland Limoges china?

Haviland & Co. is a manufacturer of Limoges porcelain in France, begun in the 1840s by the American Haviland family, importers of porcelain to the US, which has always been the main market.

How do you identify a Limoges pattern?

To identify Limoges china patterns, search for marks beneath and on the glaze; the country of origin; factory marks such as AE, GDA and H & CO/L; as well as tiny prints and pictograms on the item. Also, observe any family names and the colors used to mark them.

What kind of plates are from Limoges France?


What do you need to know about Limoges porcelain?

She’s written over 400 articles on antique collecting for The Spruce Crafts. When valuing Limoges porcelain, savvy dealers and collectors give high marks for top-notch decor featuring finely detailed and skillful hand painting. Pieces signed by a notable artist are also desirable.

Who is the artist on the Limoges chief charger plate?

This American Indian chief charger plate is marked L.R.L. Limoges France. It also includes the chief’s name—Chief Stranger Horse—on the back and is signed by the artist “Bazanan.” The paintings on decorative Limoges plates vary greatly and Native American examples are rather rare.

How much does a Limoges barnyard platter sell for?

The barnyard theme is rare, so that may attribute to the higher sale price on this platter. Chargers produced by other Limoges companies with similar paintings by a different artist tend to sell somewhere around $200. Continue to 11 of 11 below.

What is the date on the Limoges plate?

The plate is marked FRANCE, + LIMOGES and L. CONDERLY, and also features a crown. How old is the plate? J.S., Attica, IND. The hand-painted Limoges plate dates from the latter part of the 19th century. It was never part of a set, but was used as a dining-room decoration to hang on a wall or on a shelf along with other porcelain pieces.

How can you determine the value of antique Limoges fine china?

Limoges marks are not secure indications of the age of the china. There were many factories in the area around Limoges that produced fine china and used the various Limoges marks as well as their own marks and the signatures of some of the more sought-after painter-decorators.

Who was the maker of the Limoges porcelain?

The marks indicate the maker of the porcelain (the encircled crown) and the painter (L. Conderly), who are both unknown today. It is hard to determine who produced the plate because there were numerous companies producing porcelain in Limoges, France.

Where can I buy a Limoges license plate?

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