How do you find out the value of a porcelain doll?

How do you find out the value of a porcelain doll?

Manufacturer. First, make a general assessment of your doll and determine that it is actually made from porcelain. There should be a clear identification name or number on the head, shoulder, neck, or bottom of your doll’s foot. This number can be used for online comparisons or when consulting an appraiser.

Are Lenci dolls marked?

The first dolls Elena sculpted and hand-painted were created in her own kitchen in 1918. Patents were applied for to protect the method of making the felt-doll faces in 1919. These first dolls were marked with a tiny metal rivet with the word “LENCI” inscribed.

Where are Lenci dolls marked?

Felt pressed dolls were very popular in the nineteenth century and just after the first world war. The eyes face sideways, giving the boys a sullen expression and the girls one of loneliness. These dolls have Lenci stamped into the felt of the foot.

Where can I find out how much my Porcelain Doll is worth?

If you think your porcelain doll may be very valuable, though, you probably don’t want to start with eBay (although you may still want to look there to see what has sold). Instead, you should check with an appraiser who specializes in antique dolls.

How old are porcelain dolls supposed to be?

For another view on the ‘value’ of porcelain dolls, especially those from collectors’ series of more recent vintage (40 years old and newer), we can look to the wise words in doll “Modern porcelain collector dolls sold from about the 1980s to present, were meant to appeal to adult doll collectors, not children.

How to determine the value of a doll?

sold doll prices which are shown in green and that’s as current a doll value, as you can get. First of all there is the issue of actual intrinsic value to consider. Under these circumstances, most certainly any doll manufactured from the 70s and older that happens to be in impeccable condition should have some intrinsic value.

Can a porcelain doll be sold at a live auction?

Porcelain dolls can also be sold at live auctions. In fact, selling dolls is so popular, some companies host live doll auctions. These often get broadcast in real time over the Internet.

How do you know a valuable porcelain doll?

Method 2 of 2: Identifying Porcelain and Bisque Dolls Check that the doll is made from porcelain or bisque and 1 other material. Hold the head of the doll to your teeth. Inspect the body of the doll for 2 holes near the shoulders. The head, neck, and shoulders of antique porcelain and bisque dolls are made using 1 mold. Look at the stuffing of the doll if possible.

How do find the value of porcelain dolls?

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  • Consult various websites regarding the value of your dolls.

    What are Collectors Choice porcelain dolls worth?

    The Collector’s Choice Doll Genuine Fine Bisque Porcelain Doll Baking Limited Edition has an estimated value on the secondary retail market for an of average of $65.00-75.00, depending on the condition and where it is for sale at. These will typically sell higher in an Antique Shop or Private sale compared to an auction.

    Where can I find a porcelain doll?

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