How do you compare books?

How do you compare books?

1 Choose Your Books and Develop Your Purpose. For a compare and contrast essay, you will need to find elements within the books that have some type of similarity, such as the characters or themes. 2 Gather Facts. Use Graphic Organizers. 3 Choose a Structure: Point by Point. 4 Choose a Structure: Subject by Subject.

How do you analyze a scene in a book?

Take notes on the scene. Study the way the characters interact and what that says about each character. Dissect the choice of camera angles and the scene’s setting and overall purpose. Formulate a hypothesis based on a fact you want to prove about the scene you chose.

What is an analysis of a book?

A book analysis is a description, critical analysis, and an evaluation on the quality, meaning, and significance of a book, not a retelling. It should focus on the book’s purpose, content, and authority. It is a reaction paper in which strengths and weaknesses of the material are analyzed.

How do you evaluate a chapter in a book?

With individual chapters:Think carefully about the chapter’s title and skim paragraphs to get an overall sense of the chapter.Then, as you read, test your predictions against the points made in the chapter.After you’ve finished a chapter, take brief notes.

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