How do you answer why did you choose this course?

How do you answer why did you choose this course?

You can say I choose this career because I enjoy it – interviewer mostly like candidates who genuinely like their field of work. It will prove all the above things like you are really passionate and enjoy your career and you have all the information about the career you have chosen.

Why do you want to pursue further studies?

There are many positive reasons behind the decision to pursue further study, including: to pursue your interest in a particular subject. to improve your career prospects or change career direction. as a requirement for a particular career – medicine, dentistry, law, teaching.

Why do u want to choose this course?

The most important thing is to choose a course and career path that matches your interests and skill set, as well as your overall life goals. In addition, it helps to know that the job market can change markedly over the course of your degree.

How can I choose my career?

Print out and keep this list of ways to pick your top career choices – and take some time to go through it.Assess yourself – who are you right now? Build a list of careers you want to learn more about. Create a list of 2-5 top career choices. Think about your short-term and long-term goals.

Why we should do what we love?

1. Because you will be more productive. Doing what you love will make you more engaged and dedicated towards your work and you will feel more productive and enthusiastic in doing those things. When you absolutely love your work, you won’t feel tired anymore, moreover, it will always be fun doing all the tasks.

How do you study what you don’t like?

Great Tips to Study the Subjects You Absolutely HateChange your attitude about the subject you hate. Make time and plan to learn it. Experiment with your learning styles. Find alternative ways to understand it. Gather and represent the information creatively. Relate the subject to your daily activities.

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