HBO’s Euphoria Season 2: What Is The Fate Of ‘Rue’ In The Second Season, Explained

The American teen drama starring Zendaya was premiered on June 16 2019, on HBO. HBO has expressed gratitude towards the makers of Euphoria. This is because they decided to air the teen series on HBO. This brought a lot of good attention from the audience.

Euphoria is created by Sam Levinson. It is based on an Israeli miniseries which goes by the same name ‘Euphoria’.

Before the fans could complete season one, the makers came up with good news for all the appreciators of the show. HBO renewed the show for a second season in July 2019.

Euphoria is a show which deals with high school students as they deal with their lives, friendship, love, drugs, etc. The main cast and characters include Rue played by Zendaya, Lexi played by Maude, Fezco played by Angus, Cal played by Eric and other high school students.

Who all will be in the cast of Euphoria 2?

No characters got an exit in season one which leads us to believe that all of the cast of season one will be returning for season two. We might have an addition of new characters. But we are still on the fact that we will get to see characters of season one in season two.

What is the fate of Rue? Did she die?

The ending scene of season one led us to believe to some extent that Rue died there and then if we believe that then we won’t get to see Zendaya.

However, Sam Levinson himself released the statement that Rue is not dead and Zendaya will be back as Rue. Levinson even hinted that Rue has a long way to go in the story.


Since it’s been just a few days when the season one ended, we might have to wait for season two. If we look at the efficiency of season one shooting, it’s safe to believe that we could have the series on our screens next year.


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