Get to Know Holborn Assets

Holborn Assets is independently owned and operated via the Holborn family since 1998. Holborn Assets is headquartered in the UAE-Dubai. In addition to Dubai, Holborn Assets has established other offices throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and other parts of the Middle East. Holborn Assets is a successful firm whose staff are licensed and qualified financial advisers. The Founder, CEO, and major shareholder of the Holborn Assets is Robert Parker. Mr. Parker’s illustrious financial background has spanned more than 30 years.

The Holborn Assets staff and as a global firm, is chartered, trained, and registered in both the United Kingdom and the UAE. A few of the esteemed organizations include the London Institute of Banking and Finance. The firm was regulated through the FCA in England and Wales. Holborn Assets has been licensed by the UAE Ministry of Economy, South Africa at the FSB, Malaysia by the Labuan Financial Services Authority, and in Hong Kong by the Confederation of Insurance Brokers. 

In the twenty-one years that they have conducted global financial services, Holborn Assets has provided financial advice and services to individuals, businesses, and families in many fields. Mr. Parker states that many individuals don’t understand the minutia of financial planning. For this reason, he and his family began Holborn Assets. Their business premise is to make sure that people get quality customizable advice. Further Mr. Parker believes that everyone’s money should be treated with integrity and respect. The professional financial advisors who work for Holborn Assets worldwide, approach financial planning with a compliant and universal approach. 

As a family-owned and independent financial firm, the Holborn family operates the company in the manner in which they live their own lives. Transparency is most important in how they have thrived and why countries have welcomed the Holborn Assets expansion plans. The reputation of the Holborn Assets also rests on its ability to work with people on both their short-term and/or long-term goals. The Holborn financial advisors are noted for their business practice of working with their clients through every one of their financial milestones and goals. 

Holborn Assets understands that life is filled with financial challenges, both on a global scale and on an individual scale. If your financial challenges include paying for education, retirement plans, investing, and planning your pension goals, Holborn Assets educates their clients on the best way to traverse these life-altering events. They help families set up trusts. Families are also advised on how to set up savings accounts. 

Families and individuals are advised on the best legal course of actions to take in allowing their money to go further. Why international clients of Holborn Assets follow the firm’s advice is that the saving options that their financial advisers suggest do not bring any risk. Clients understand that suggested investment options carry a small amount of risk, but that they can acquire additional revenues. Additional monumental financial decisions in a persons’ life are applying for a mortgage to buy a home.

Holborn Assets helps individuals in the UK, the UAE, Spain, France, South Africa, New Zealand, and Malaysia with their international mortgages. Also, no matter where you live, we all look forward to a retirement future. Holborn Assets can help young people plan for their future retirement plans and if you are close to retiring, the financial advisers are available whenever you need them. 

Holborn Assets helps their clients, young and aged, with tomorrow’s plans in preparation for life’s financial surprises. In addition to individuals, the Holborn Assets firm also works with international clients who operate businesses of all sizes. The Holborn Assets financial advisors provide guidance on different packaged insurance benefits that include group medical insurance, group life, disability insurance, and individual insurance. 

In addition to the many services provided by this financial advisory group, Holborn Assets has also become involved in real estate investment. They help clients invest in bespoke services for a completed property, off-the-plan property, and London property. Robert Parker reports that the UK is an attractive growth market for investors, especially on and offshore investors. 

As a result of adding real estate investments to their clients’ portfolios, Holborn Assets has partnered with the award-winning UK asset managing firm of Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management (CGWM). CGWM and Holborn Assets has introduced vast realty portfolio services. In their partnership, their offshore clients will have the option of choosing more than 40 portfolios in seven premium real estate platforms and multiple currencies. 

The real estate section of the firm is known as Holborn Property. If you are a prestigious real estate developer from the UK, the Holborn Property advisers are available to give their clients an A to Z investment service portfolio. The Holborn Property investment fields include working with surveyors, developers, and solicitors on behalf of the clients. Holborn Property offers to walk clients through each application process, currency exchange transactions, management of property, tax advice, and finding the best mortgage platform to meet their goals. 

In summary, the Holborn Assets firm successfully advises businesses and individuals in the best way to help secure their finances and their future. Not everyone is savvy in financial strategies regarding their wealth and how to preserve it. Holborn Assets provides key tips on how to protect and increase your wealth. Using the advice of the Holborn Assets financial advisors is an international gain and a lucrative investment.


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