Director Taika Waititi Has Already Completed The Screenplay For Thor: Love And Thunder

With the premise of Avengers: Endgame, phase three of the marvel cinematic universe marked its end. Recently, Marvel announced the phase four of the cinematic universe.

With the ending of most of the original avenger’s members, the future holds different storylines for the remaining members. So is for our dear Asgardian, Thor.

Marvel announced the upcoming movie Thor: Love and Thunder for the next installment of the Thor franchise. The expected characters of the new installment will include Jane Foster as the new Thor when he won’t be able to wield his power. Further characters would include the mighty Thor and Valkyrie.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be the next movie of TaikaWaititi after Next Goal wins. If we go by the reports, the scripting has already been done by TaikaWaititi and he is looking forward to producing the new Thor installment in early 2020. This is good news for the fans as they can expect the movie soon in their theatres.

As far as the storyline is concerned, it is expected that the movie will take up on some plot from the comics. In the comics, Jane Foster turns into Lady Thor when Thor becomes incapable of wielding his powers. That is when Jane Foster emerges as the savior and takes upon the role of The Mighty Thor. Valkyrie is the part of the characters as well.

It is possible that some of the plots will be adopted by the makers for the movie. We might see Natalie Portman in the role of Jane Foster wielding Thor’s hammer.


It came as a surprise to Marvel fans when it announced the upcoming movie for Thor very much after the happenings of Endgame. TaikaWaititi started with the preparation much before the announcement was done. The production is set to begin in early 2020 and the movie is set to drop in late 2021.

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