Different Opinions About Essay Writing Services

The essay is a very popular form of control in modern educational institutions, as it requires analyzing the problem, searching for argumentation, competently designing written work. Frequently, test work, where you can still hope for fortune, is replaced by an essay, since this work depends entirely on the degree of education of the student. But more and more often students turn to outside help for writing an essay; these can be essay writing services or private authors. We wondered what the public thought about this issue. That’s what we managed to find out.


Students are the main customers of writing services. Representatives of this group can be divided into three groups according to their attitude to the purchase of written work:

  1. Negative minded students. Among students of higher educational institutions, there is a sufficiently large number of students who write papers independently from beginning to end. They spend a lot of time in the library, on the Internet, for conversations with teachers. They rewrite their works several times since they did not fully understand all the requirements for design or content. They carefully select the argumentation for a particular problem. Most often, these students do not have any part-time job, so they can devote themselves to studying. They are these students who believe that it is wrong and not fair that they put so much work into their paper, and in the end receive the same grades as their fellow students who simply bought the work from a person from the paper writing service.
  2. Neutral attuned subgroup. These students include those who also write the work by themselves, but do not pay special attention to how other students do since everyone is free to make his own choice. Among such students are also those who once used the services of writing services, but only to understand the principles of work or to correct the shortcomings in the work already done.
  3. Positively tuned student subgroup. These are the students who directly use the help of services for writing work. Most frequently, these are the same students who have a part-time job or study by correspondence, having a permanent job. Such students do not have enough time to write a decent job, which is not ashamed to pass. Also, these are those students who just want to make some adjustments to the finished work or get an example of writing the work.


Teachers are exactly the people who check the finished written work. Their opinions can be divided into two groups:

  1. Teachers who treat the purchase of written work is negative. This part of the teachers argues his point of view as follows: the students who bought the work and did not do it themselves did not carry out any analytical work, they received absolutely no knowledge, skills or abilities.
  2. Neutral minded teachers. These teachers understand the responsibilities of the students, so they are of the opinion that it is permissible for a student to ask for help in writing services, but only if he has corrected an already written essay.


Thus, we can conclude that there is no unequivocal opinion about the services provided by services for writing work, and whether to contact such an agency or not how to evaluate such works, the choice always remains for students and teachers.

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