BMW X5 bulletproof Protection VR6 – G05

BMW’s upgraded extra protection X5 SUV is here and it has been equipped with amazing features. It provides protection from Explosives, Bullets and Attempted kidnapping.

The X5 Protection SUV looks exactly similar to the X5 and one cannot distinguish between the two only with eyes. The X5 Protection V6 comes with extra protection apart from the great look of X5.

The model has been equipped with steel armored plating all over its panel and trims gaps. The armored plating provides extremely strong covering to the car and protects it’s from firearms and explosives. The partition of the luggage compartment is also armored and provides extra protection to the passengers at the rear seats. There is an optional armored roof panel available for protection from drones and aircraft attacks.

The powertrain and the floor are protected by a thick aluminum splinter shield. It is claimed that it can provide protection from explosives as powerful as hand grenades.

The windows of VR6 made of 33m thick polycarbonate reinforced glass instead of the old material used in X5.

The car has many more security mechanisms that were not previously installed on the X5 SUV. It is obvious that with so many additions, the weight of the car would increase. However, it is not yet specified how much will the new model weigh.

BMW claims that this high protection VR6 can take upon situations like firearms attack even using AK-47 or even a blast with 15kg. They are working upon making the rest of the features match that of the old X5 SUV in the matter of performance and efficiency.


Further, there are a number of optional protection equipment for the customers which will help them stay safe from a lot of emergency situations. Both the models X5 and VR6 will be produced alongside and unveiled at the end of this year most probably.

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