Are lobby cards worth anything?

Are lobby cards worth anything?

A lobby card featuring a closeup of the main actors, or the monster, or depicting a key scene, is much more desirable than a card showing only a distant shot of the stars, or a “dead” card featuring no stars at all. The importance or popularity of the film is another key factor in determining a lobby card’s value.

What are vintage lobby cards?

Vintage lobby cards and mini lobby cards are available for sale at Original Film Art. These cards are similar to mini-posters and were usually shipped to theaters in numbered sets.

When did they stop making lobby cards?

While lobby cards were discontinued in the mid-1980s in the United States, they are still printed for use in other countries today.

What are film lobby cards?

Movie lobby cards are a uniquely American creation. They are a hybrid of movie posters and, usually, movie star photos. Back in the early 1910’s, the small nickelodeons, where films were first shown, started morphing into larger, more permanent, and more elegant venues.

What size are movie lobby cards?

Lobby cards are similar to posters but smaller, usually 11 in × 14 in (28 cm × 36 cm), also 8 in × 10 in (20 cm × 25 cm) before 1930. Lobby cards are collectible and values depend on their age, quality, and popularity.

What are old movie posters called?

As its name implies, the “mini-sheet” is simply a small poster, printed on poster paper. They come in a variety of sizes, depending on the studio and the film. In many cases, the mini sheet is an exact duplicate of the one-sheet, only smaller.

How big is a lobby card?

What is the size of a movie lobby card?

What size is a real movie poster?

27×40 inches
Standard Movie Poster Sizes 27×40 inches (686×1016 mm) – also known as One-Sheet size, these are the dimensions most commonly used for official movie posters distributed to theaters. The aspect ratio of movie theater poster size is a bit more than 2:3, or a width 67.5% of the height.

What is a double sided poster?

Double-sided posters are normally printed on a thicker paper than are the single-sided version. These posters are displayed in “light boxes”. Because of the reverse artwork on the back, the double-sided printing gives a more life-like look to the poster when a light is placed behind it.

Are most posters matte or glossy?

Generally speaking all posters are usually finished with gloss or matte.

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