13 Reasons Why Season 3: 5 Things You Need To Know Before Streaming Season 3 On Netflix

We are just one step away from the Hannah Baker drama but with a change that this time it is probably not about Hannah.

Season three of 13 reasons why it is going to cover up a lot more than expected by the fans.

So, make sure you are completely ready to binge-watch the series. We suppose, knowing these 5 things is as important for you as to grab on two boxes of tissues before you press the play button.

Here we go:

  1. Jessica is stuck in a love triangle.

Just when Jessica seemed to be finally getting over her scary past, she got stuck in a love triangle. Alex and Jessica go way back to being friends and then dating each other. They did break up after a while but after Hannah’s demise, the two seemed to have grown closer again. The seal was locked when the duo kissed each other. Well, before fans could be happy for her, she got involved with Justin in the locker room. We need to find out who she chose finally out of the two.

  1. Chloe, Bryce and the baby!

We got major shocks at the end of season two about Chloe being pregnant. Bryce had actually raped Chloe as well, an addition to Hannah and Jessica. Chloe was probably pregnant with Bryce’s child and we don’t know the future? Is she keeping the baby? Did Bryce take any responsibility before dying (we know that now from the trailer!)?

  1. Tyler and his revenge!

The cliffhanger just made our heartbeats skip in unison! The painful scene of Montgomery torturing Tyler was nearly impossible to watch.


Tyler planned on to take revenge before our innocent hero, Clay stepped in and talked him out of it.

After Tyler went away, it was Clay who was left as the suspect on the scene? What happened to Clay after that?

  1. The situation of the characters.

Okay, so here is a recap for you to know what’s up with the characters at the end of season two. Bryce transferred to a private school and Monty is on the run. Zach is no longer close to Bryce and he quit the school team as well. Tony is in the acute relationship while Ryan took his time off. And Clay? Well, he finally did let go of Hannah. He was left with Olivia’s sweet message for him and he started to finally accept Hannah’s death. 

  1. Bryce Walker

The last is the thing that has to be revealed yet. The murder or Bryce Walker! The burning question should be in your mind while you watch the episodes.

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