Why is it a good idea to wear long hair tied back in every lab situation?

Why is it a good idea to wear long hair tied back in every lab situation?

For one, burning hair does not smell good. Secondly, burning hair can lead to severe skin burns. Note: If the lab does not include a fire component, it is still important to tie hair back. It’s not unheard of for students to accidently dip their hair into the chemicals with which they are working.

What should you do with long hair during a lab investigation?

Tie back long hair to keep it away from flames, chemicals, or equipment.

How should your hair be in a lab?

Appropriate Lab Attire

Allowed Not Allowed
Hair must be kept away from the eyes. Long hair must be tied back. Hair longer than 6 inches from the nape of the neck must also be pinned up (use of hair nets or hats is acceptable) Hair must not impede vision, come in contact with the work, or open flames

What should not be worn in the laboratory?

Avoid wearing the following items to lab: Tank tops or cropped shirts. Mesh shirts. Shorts or skirts that do not cover your knees when you are sitting. Sandles, flip-flops, or other shoes that do not completely cover your feet.

Which is the best reason to keep all the classroom aisles and walkways clear?

Lab Safety

Question Answer
What type of footwear should always be worn in the laboratory? closed shoes
What should be used to put out a fire in person’s hair or clothing? a fire blanket
What is the best reason to keep all classroom aisles and walkways clear? to allow safe exit

What is a dress code you should wear in the laboratory?

Clothing: Wear long pants or skirts and closed toed shoes, and tie back long hair. Do not wear shorts, short skirts, sandals, loose clothing, or dangling jewelry. 2. Lab coat: Wear a lab coat that covers the arms.

What is the last thing a student must do before leaving the laboratory?

The last thing you should do before leaving the lab, after an experiment, is to wash your hands. Most chemicals are toxic to some extent, so clean your hands before leaving.

When working with chemicals and burners do you always wear?

To protect yourself from possible injury, always wear safety goggles whenever you are working with chemicals, burners, or any substance that might get in your eyes. 2.

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