Which type of irrigation is suitable for hilly areas?

Which type of irrigation is suitable for hilly areas?

Sprinkler system
Sprinkler system is a very common method of irrigation for giving water in farms & fields. Sprinkler irrigation makes it easy to provide water to the field. This method is considered best for hilly areas, sandy lands and non-parallel slope areas.

Which method of irrigation is used for sloped land?

Sprinkler or drip irrigation are preferred above surface irrigation on steeper or unevenly sloping lands as they require little or no land levelling. An exception is rice grown on terraces on sloping lands.

Which transport is used in hilly areas?

Air Transport is considered the most suitable mode of transportation and commutation in the hilly and mountainous regions. Explanation: Rail and roads are the most prominent transport facilities in India.

What is the most popular means of transport on the hills?

Road transport Four wheel drives are the most popular means of transport, as they can easily navigate the steep slopes in the region.

Why is road transport popular in hilly areas?

Answer: Roads play a very important role in the transportation of goods and passengers for short and medium distances. Roads can negotiate high gradients and sharp turns which railways cannot do. As such, roads can be constructed in hilly areas also.

What is the downside of hand watering?

The big disadvantages to hand watering are the time required and inability to use a timer. Also, if someone is inexperienced, there is a good chance plants will either be over- or under-watered.

What are the two cheap methods of irrigation?

It involves two systems- sprinkler and drip system. Traditional methods are cheaper as compared to modern methods and are less efficient. Hence option A is correct.

Which method of irrigation is best?

Drip irrigation is the most efficient and appropriate irrigation system. Instead of wetting the whole field surface, water is applied only to the plant root zone. The primary goal of drip irrigation is to apply water at the time when plants need it most and in rates needed for proper plant growth.

Which is the most efficient method of irrigation?

Here are some more-efficient surface-irrigation techniques that farmers use: Leveling of fields: Flood irrigation uses gravity to transport water, and, since water flows downhill, it will miss a part of the field that is on a hill, even a small hill.

What kind of equipment do farmers use for irrigation?

Farmers are using leveling equipment, some of which is guided by a laser beam, to scrape a field flat before planting. That allows water to flow evenly throughout the fields.

When to use drip or sprinkler irrigation for crops?

Sprinkler and drip irrigation, because of their high capital investment per hectare, are mostly used for high value cash crops, such as vegetables and fruit trees. They are seldom used for the lower value staple crops.

Where does the water go in drip irrigation?

In drip irrigation (microirrigation), water is run through pipes (with holes in them) either buried or lying slightly above the ground next to the crops. Water slowly drips onto the crop roots and stems.

What’s the best way to irrigate a hill?

When it comes to irrigating a hill, drip irrigation or soaker hoses are probably your best choices. This type of irrigation releases water into the soil slowly, reducing runoff and erosion, which commonly occurs when you use overhead watering and sprinkler systems for irrigating a hill.

What kind of irrigation equipment does Hills irrigation use?

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What’s the best way to set up an irrigation system?

By alternating sections of soaker hose and garden hose, you can set up a watering system in minutes that applies water where you need it — and not where you don’t. Place the soaker hose next to plants, and use the garden hose to cross paths and other areas where you don’t need water.

What kind of water do you use on a hill?

In order for water to deeply saturate the ground and reach plant roots, proper irrigation is essential. When it comes to irrigating a hill, drip irrigation or soaker hoses are probably your best choices.

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