Which state is the largest producer of agricultural products?

Which state is the largest producer of agricultural products?

U.S. agricultural production occurs in each of the 50 States In terms of sales value, California leads the country as the largest producer of agricultural products (crops and livestock), accounting for almost 11 percent of the national total, based on the 2012 Census of Agriculture.

What are the top 5 agriculture production states?

In 2019, the top 10 agricultural producing States in terms of cash receipts were (in descending order): California, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Indiana. See these and related statistics in ERS’s Farm Income and Wealth Statistics.

Which state produces most Indian food?

Top Crops Producing States of India

Agricultural Commodity Top Producer State*
Largest Total Food Grains producing state in India is Uttar Pradesh
Largest Rice producing state in India is West Bengal
Largest Wheat producing state in India is Uttar Pradesh
Largest Maize producing state in India is Andhra Pradesh

What is the best agricultural state?

State Rankings

OVERALL RANK State Overall Score
1 Kentucky 53.14
2 Oklahoma 52.55
3 North Dakota 52.52
4 Texas 52.45

Which state has most farmers?

Leading 10 U.S. states based on number of farms in 2020*

Characteristic Number of farms
Texas 247,000
Missouri 95,000
Iowa 85,000
Ohio 77,800

Who is the largest producer of India?

Top Crop Producing States

Crop State
The largest producer of paddy in India West Bengal
The largest producer of wheat in India Uttar Pradesh
The largest producer of sugarcane in India Uttar Pradesh
The largest producer of potato in India Uttar Pradesh

What is the best state to grow crops?

According to USDA Economic Research Service, the top five states in vegetable production are California, Idaho, Washington, Wisconsin, and Florida. Idaho and Wisconsin lead in potato production while California produces 60 percent of the nation’s fresh and processed vegetables.

Who is the famous farmer in India?

Subhash Palekar
Subhash Palekar
Born 2 February 1949 Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Agricultural scientist, farmer, author

What is the highest production in Indian agriculture?

Top agricultural producing states in India

Crops name 1st Position 2nd position
Rice West Bengal Uttar Pradesh
Wheat Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
Jowar Maharashtra Karnataka
Bajra Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh

Which state is famous for which crop in India?

Which country is top in agriculture?

China is the top country by gross value of agricultural production in the world.

Which is the largest agricultural producing state in India?

10 Largest Agricultural Producing States of India. 1 Rice – West Bengal. West Bengal is the largest producer of rice in India, followed by Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab. 2 Wheat – Uttar Pradesh. 3 Cotton – Gujarat. 4 Sugarcane – Uttar Pradesh. 5 Vegetables – West Bengal.

Which is the largest coffee producing state in India?

Karnataka is the largest producer of Coffee in India, followed by Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Karnataka is also produce Maize, tea and sunflower in large quantities. Madhya Pradesh is India’s largest pulse producing state, followed by Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

What are the major food crops in India?

Agricultural production in India can be broadly classified into food crops and commercial crops. In India the major food crops include rice, wheat, pulses, coarse cereals etc. Similarly, the commercial crops or non-food crops include raw cotton, tea, coffee, raw jute, sugarcane, oil seeds etc.

How is the system of Agriculture in India?

The produce and system of agriculture in different states of India are varied and thus offers a wide online agricultural products portfolio. Even today the agricultural produce of different states of India and its subsequent productivity growth is predicated to a large extent upon the development of its 700-million strong rural population.

Which is the most important food grown in India?

In India, rice is grown in the eastern and western shoreline areas, Northeast India, and the drainage basin of river Ganga. The important rice growing states in India are as follows: The second most important food grain cultivated in India is wheat. The Rabi season is the ideal time to grow wheat.

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