Which state has the most organic farms?

Which state has the most organic farms?

The results indicate that California had the largest number of certified organic farms in the U.S. amounting to 3,012 in 2019.

What 3 states have the most organic farms?

Top 5 States by Number of Organic Farms

  1. California (633)
  2. Wisconsin (311)
  3. Washington (208)
  4. New York (196)
  5. Pennsylvania (188)

Which country is leading in organic farming?

The country with the largest organic agricultural area is China (3 million hectares), and the country with the most producers is India (835’000 producers).

Which state is first in organic farming?

Sikkim became the first state to become fully organic and other states including Tripura and Uttarakhand have set similar targets. North East India has been traditionally following organic farming and the usage of chemicals in the region is reported to be far less than the rest of the country.

What is the most organic state?

California had by far the most certified organic farms in 2016, with 2,713. Its nearly 1.1 million acres of organic farms represented 21% of all U.S. certified organic land. The states with the second- and third-highest number of farms were Wisconsin (1,276 farms) and New York (1,059).

Which is the first organic state in India?

Sikkim is the only Indian state to have become fully organic so far. A majority of the states have only a small part of their net sown area under organic farming.

Who invented organic farming?

Lord Northbourne
It was Lord Northbourne (Walter James; 1896-1982) who gifted to the world the term ‘organic farming’. His 1940 book Look to the Land is a manifesto of organic agriculture. In it he mooted a contest of “organic versus chemical farming” which he foresaw as a clash of world views that may last for generations.

Which state is fully organic in India?

Which is the most organic country?

In 2019, India was the leading organic food producing country in the world, measured by number of producers. In that year, India had 1.4 million organic food producers, which is more than the number of all organic food producers in the other nine leading countries in the world combined.

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