Which soil is best for growing cotton?

Which soil is best for growing cotton?

Cotton is best grown in soils with an excellent water holding capacity. Aeration and good drainage are equally important as the crop cannot withstand excessive moisture and water logging. The major soil types suitable for cotton cultivation are alluvial, clayey and red sandy loam.

Which soil is best for cotton Why?

Black soils
Black soils are poor in nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter. The soils are generally rich in the montmorillonitic and beidellitic group of clay minerals. It is most suitable for the growth of cotton. It is also known or cotton soil as a reason.

What soil is cotton in?

Black soils are most suitable for the cotton crop hence it is also known as black cotton soil. For the best cottonseed germination, the soil should have an average soil temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit at a depth of 8 inches.

Which soil is called regular?

Black soil
It is ideal for growing cotton. Black soil is also known as regur soil. The word “regular” comes from the Latin word regurgitate which means to overflow. Since this soil is formed as a result of lava flows, it is known as regular soil.

What is the black cotton soil?

Black cotton soil is heavy clay soil, varying from clay to loam; it is generally light to dark grey in colour. Cotton grows in this kind of soil. The soil prevails generally in central and southern parts of India.

Why is black soil so fertile?

Deep black soil is productive due to high proportion of clay and humus. The organic matter present in the soil is contributed by the death and decay of living organisms. These are the richest in nutrients and therefore these soils are the most fertile.

What are the two other names of black cotton soil?

Black soil is also known as black cotton soil or the regur soil. Black cotton soil is known as ‘tropical chernozems’ in the other parts of the world. These soils are named as black cotton soil as it is famous for the purpose of cultivation of cotton.

Where is black cotton soil found?

Black cotton soil mainly found in few parts of Central India and South India, is a type of Expansive soil. Hence it is logically possible to say that , Black cotton soil is a Clayey type soil.

What is the 2 name of black soil?

black soils known locally as regur.

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