Which fertilizer is best for cocoa tree?

Which fertilizer is best for cocoa tree?

Different soils have different fertilizer needs.

  • on the more sandy soils, along the coast, use compound fertilizer, which contains nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potash: fertilizer formula 13-10-15;
  • on the more granitic soils of the interior, use another compound fertilizer: formula 12-15-18.

    What is cocoa fertilizer?

    Foliar feeding of cocoa trees Foliar fertilization (foliar feeding) is the common name for supplying nutrient to plants, by spraying it on the leaves. The fertilizer applied is a supplement to regular soil applied fertilizers.

    How do you take care of a cocoa tree?

    Adding a layer of mulch over its root area can help to maintain adequate soil moisture. Plan to water and fertilize your cacao tree regularly, as this is a plant that likes lots of food and moisture. Cacao trees don’t typically have any serious issues with pests or diseases.

    How do you increase cocoa yield?

    Early growth is encouraged by shade, but maximum cocoa yields come from crops that intercept more sunlight. Managing shade is important. Pruning and tree management also plays a major part in influencing cocoa yield.

    How many cocoa trees can be planted in an acre?

    Plant at a spacing of 3.0m x 3.0m or 10ft x 10ft if you are using hybrid cocoa seedlings. In this case, you will have 1,111 tree per hectare or 435 trees per acre. Proper spacing allows for less competition for space, sunlight, water and nutrients and so the trees look healthy and high yielding.

    How many beans does 1 cacao tree produce?

    The thick shelled cacao pod contains “mucilage”, a sweet white pulp that surrounds the bitter cocoa beans. Each tree produces about 20 pods and each pod contains between 20 and 60 seeds or beans. In order to produce one kilogramme of cocoa paste about 10 pods are required.

    How long does cocoa tree take to grow?

    Seedling Cocoa grows from seed. Seeds will germinate and produce good trees when taken from pods not more than 15 days underripe. The Criollo and Forastero varieties of cocoa take longer to become productive. Hybrid varieties become productive three to four years after planting.

    Why do people pronounce cocoa?

    Cocoa pronunciation: “co-co,” just like in “coconut,” because the “a” is silent in English.

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