Which country is the second largest producer of rubber?

Which country is the second largest producer of rubber?

Natural rubber production worldwide 2019-2020, by country Thailand produced 4.37 million metric tons of natural rubber in 2020, making it the leading producer of natural rubber worldwide. This was followed by Indonesia, which produced 3.04 million metric tons.

Which is the largest producer of rubber in the world?

Natural Rubber Net Production

# 29 Countries Last
1 #1 Thailand 2019
2 #2 Indonesia 2019
3 #3 Vietnam 2019
4 #4 India 2019

Is Malaysia the largest producer of rubber in the world?

a. Malaysia: Malaysia generally produces rubber in the Malay peninsula and accounts for almost 10 percent of the total production of rubber in the world. It produces almost 1.27 million metric tonnes of rubber every year and holds the third rank in rubber production.

Which top 10 countries are the largest producers of natural rubber?

The Leading Natural Rubber Producing Countries In The World

Rank Area Production Value, 2013 (in tons)
1 Thailand 4,305,069
2 Indonesia 3,107,544
3 Viet Nam 946,865
4 India 900,000

Which state is the largest producer of rubber?

Kerala accounts for more than 90 percent of the total rubber production in the country. The total area under rubber cultivation in the state is 5.45 lakh hectares.

What country is the biggest importer of natural rubber?

Searchable List of Natural Rubber Importing Countries in 2019

Rank Importer Natural Rubber Imports (US$)
1. China $3,368,889,000
2. United States $1,734,994,000
3. Malaysia $1,319,573,000
4. Japan $1,125,287,000

Which country is the largest producer of coconut?

Indonesia is the world’s leading coconut producer in 2019, with about 17.13 million metric tons of coconuts produced. That year, India was the third largest coconut producer in the world, accounting for around 14.68 million metric tons of global production volume.

Which state is largest producer of cotton?

Top 10 Cotton Producing States : 2014-2015

S.No. State/ UT Cotton * (Th. tonnes)
1 Gujarat 11089
2 Maharashtra 7019
3 Andhra Pradesh+ Telangana 6641
4 Haryana 2300

Where does the US get its rubber?

In 2019, the top partner countries from which United States Imports Plastic or Rubber include China, Canada, Mexico, Thailand and Korea, Rep..

What country exports the most rubber?

This statistic shows the leading natural rubber exporting countries worldwide in 2019, based on export value. In that year, Thailand was the world’s leading natural rubber exporting country, with exports worth some 4.1 billion U.S. dollars.

What country is rich in coconut?

Who is the largest exporter of coconut?

The Philippines, Indonesia and India produce around 70% of the world’s total copra, with the Philippines and Indonesia also being the world’s main coconut oil exporters….Coconut production by country.

Rank 1
Country/Region Indonesia
2018 18,555,371
2017 18,747,003
2016 17,979,533

Where does most natural rubber come from?

Nowadays, around 90% of natural rubber is produced in Asia, with Thailand and Indonesia being the most important rubber suppliers (supplying more than 60% of the world’s natural rubber).

Is India largest producer of rubber?

India today is the world’s 3rd largest producer and 4th largest consumer. Kerala accounts for more than 90 percent of the total rubber production in the country. Rest of the natural rubber is produced in Tamil Nadu and North East states.

Which country ranks first in rubber?

Which country is the largest producer of Rubber in the world? Thailand is the leading Rubber producing country in the world. Thailand is followed Indonesia and China at the second and third place respectively. India stands at fourth position in Rubber production.

What country is rubber from?

Which country is first in rubber production?

Rubber (Natural)

Country Production (in tons)
1. Thailand 4,070,000
2. Indonesia 3,200,000
3. Malaysia 1,043,000
4. Vietnam 1,043,000

Which state is largest producer of rubber?

Natural rubber is cultivated in 16 states in India. With over 600,000 hectares, Kerala tops rubber cultivation, followed by Tripura with over 85,038 hectares under plantation. Other major natural rubber producers are Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Assam and other northeastern states.

Where is most rubber made?

Where is rubber mainly grown?

Rubber trees are grown in regions that are hot and moist, that is: in Africa (250 000 tons of natural rubber); in Central and South America (31 700 tons of natural rubber) in Asia, which is the chief producer (3 207 100 tons of natural rubber)….Where rubber trees are grown.

Liberia 100 000 tons
Ghana 1 700 tons
Mali 1 100 tons
Congo 160 tons

Who uses the most rubber?

China is by far the largest consumer of natural rubber worldwide, consuming a peak of 5.5 million metric tons in 2019. China uses natural rubber for a variety of manufacturing uses, including automobile and tire manufacturing, in particular.

Thailand is the world’s largest rubber producing country with over 4.3 million metric tons rubber production per annual, representing nearly 36% of the world’s total natural rubber production. Almost 90% of Thailand’s rubber production is exported each year, making it also one of the largest rubber exporters in the world.

Where does Indonesia get most of its rubber from?

Indonesia exports its rubber mainly to countries such as USA, Singapore, China, Brazil, and Japan. The country’s annual production is estimated to be 3,088,400 metric tons which is 27.3% of the global production.

How is the price of natural rubber affected?

The price of natural rubber is thus influenced by the global crude oil price since synthetic rubber is derived from petroleum. In 2013, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia together accounted for 72% of the natural rubber produced in the world.

Where are rubber plantations located in the world?

The country has over 910,500 hectares with rubber tree plantations; most of the rubber harvested is for export purposes. The Central Highlands and Southeastern part of the country are where the plantations are located with Gia Lai being the major location for rubber production.

How much rubber is produced in the world?

In 2013, nearly 28 million tons of rubber was produced in the world and natural rubber accounted for 44% of this production. The price of natural rubber is thus influenced by the global crude oil price since synthetic rubber is derived from petroleum.

Who are the major manufacturers of synthetic rubber?

Diversified Silicone Products is a manufacturer of stock silicone products such as cushioning, shielding, gaskets, seals, thermal products, vibration management, blankets, and basic silicon sheets. They provide synthetic rubber silicon products with a variety of mechanical profiles and offer short lead times.

How much rubber is produced by anrpc countries?

The slower production growth in 2018 is mainly attributed to a lower production anticipated by Thailand at 4.375 million to The world production of NR grew from 12.429 million tonnes in 2016 to 13.282 million tonnes in 2017, almost 90% of the world supply is produced by ANRPC member countries.

Who is the second largest tire manufacturer in the world?

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company: US based cooper tire is the second largest tire manufacturer in North America region. Company’s revenue was USD 2.85 billion in 2017. Apollo Tyres Ltd: India based Apollo Tyres is the second largest manufacturer in country after MRF.

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