Where can I get a scrimshaw for free?

Where can I get a scrimshaw for free?

Conversely, a local art museum or university art department might be willing to examine your heirloom scrimshaw for free. Some collectors consider scrimshaw to only include pieces made of whale ivory carved by American or European whalers during the nineteenth century.

What kind of ivory is in a scrimshaw?

Men have carved or engraved bone, teeth and ivory since ancient times. Scrimshaw, however, usually refers to the American art of carving or engraving whale teeth or bones. Modern scrimshanders (those that carve or engrave scrimshaw) have necessarily expanded to include horn, ancient ivory and even plastics.

How does scrimshaw Value antiques and collectables?

* Scrimshaw Prices are published as a guide only. The value of antiques, art and vintage collectables can fluctuate, and vary between trade, auction & open-market values, retail prices and insurance valuations.

Which is more valuable whale ivory or scrimshaw?

Consequently, these pieces are most valuable. Nineteenth-century carvings or engravings of whale ivory made by other cultures, including Japanese and Inuit whalers, are still valuable, even if they may or may not be considered scrimshaw.

Where can I buy scrimshaw faux ivory art?

Many of the designs from that first “faux ivory” collection were so successful they are still in the Artek line. Artek products can be found in any number of museum shops, from the Museum of Fine Arts to the John F. Kennedy Library.

Who are the scrimshaw Artsist marks and signatures?

Scrimshaw Artsist Marks and Signatures 1 Charles W. Conner III 2 A. Douglas Jacobs 3 Sidney L. Ryan 4 C. Solkpick 5 Stephen B. Strickland 6 Keith W. Thrasher 7 Jason R. Webb 8 Tina M. White

Who is the owner of the scrimshaw studio?

Artek is a privately held corporation serving the museum and up-scale gift trade. Sidney Winton founded Artek in the late 70’s with his “Save the Whales” collection of hand-crafted scrimshaw reproductions.   Many of the designs from that first “faux ivory” collection were so successful they are still in the Artek line.

Who was scrimshaw artist who moved to America?

Key Traits:. Portuguese/Azorian illustrator and scrimshaw artist who moved to America. Did some work for President John F. Kennedy. Author of “A Showing of Scrimshaw,” a softcover book published in 1974 featuring his work. Did not always sign his work but when he did, he signed with a capital letter “F,” or his first name.

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