Where can I find list of British silver hallmarks?

Where can I find list of British silver hallmarks?

GH maker’s marks of an illustrated directory listing 3000 hallmarks of England, Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands and Colonial silver (Canada, India, Cape, Australia), maker marks, town marks, date letter, duty marks.

Where can I find list of silver makers marks?

In addition to the previous 3 major parts (my original silver makers’ marks lists, hallmark and date letter identification, and Scottish Provincial makers’ marks) there is now a quick makers’ mark identification page. Use the links below to go to the section you want.

Where can I find list of Hallmark makers marks?

Hallmark Identification In addition to the tables of makers’ marks the site now also includes a section on hallmark identification with hallmarks indexed both by date letter and date sequence. Click here to go there now. The makers’ marks are listed by Assay Office.

What does registered date mean on a silver maker Mark?

A “registered” date in the “Dates seen” column gives the date when the mark was registered at the Assay Office and may not necessarily coincide with the date it was first used. It does, however, give an indication of the period when the mark might first be expected to be seen. 3.

Where can I find list of silver hallmarks?

It is regularly updated as we find and photograph new examples of silver hallmarks and makers’ marks. To navigate the site, it is easiest to use the green menu bar at the top of the screen. If you don’t know the country of origin of the marks you are researching, the “World Hallmarks” page is probably the best place to start.

Do you have to have a makers mark on a hallmark?

bottom ~ from 1942 – Standard mark, must be accompanied by a makers mark in barrel form lozenge. 925 standard minimum, usually with “Sterling” or “Silver” and a maker’s mark.

What do the numbers mean on a silver hallmark?

Silver standard indicated by “Sterling Silver” or any combination of abbreviations. Usually accompanied by an initial maker’s mark, sometimes with pseudomarks. left ~ 18th Cent. The 13 indicates silver purity, 13/16 lothig or .813, year 1753

Where can I find English silver maker’s marks?

SILVER HALLMARKS DIRECTORY:Main PageAustraliaAustriaCanadaCape ColonyChannel IslandsEngland (town)Famous makersFranceGermanyHanauIrelandItalyMexicoOld Sheffield plateRussiaScotlandScotland (Provincial)UK (Silver plate)UK makers (sterling)USA (Silver plate)USA (sterling) HALLMARKS OF ENGLISH SILVER MAKER’S MARK IDENTIFICATION

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