Where can I buy a reproduction of Art?

Where can I buy a reproduction of Art?

Visit our designer art page for details. Start making your favourite art a real part of your life. Bring your home or office to life with museum-quality masterpieces of the greatest art ever created! Order your painting online or telephone 020 8354 1818 for friendly one-to-one advice.

How big is a reproduction of a painting?

Please note the Fabulous Masterpieces’ watermark will not be on your actual painting. Choose your own dimensions or commission this oil painting – 100cm x 140cm (39.4″ x 55.1″) onto canvas, which will be hand-painted in oils for just £500 + VAT (£600). We deliver world-wide and delivery is free.

How big is a reproduction of a Monet painting?

Buy this beautiful Monet reproduction oil painting, which is in stock now measuring 76.2 cm high x 231 cm wide (30 inches x 91 inches) for £800 + VAT. Now that is a large canvas! All of our fine art reproduction paintings, bespoke art and portraits are made to measure to the exact dimensions that you need.

Are there any reproductions of famous oil paintings?

HandmadePiece only works with experienced artists, most of whom have been painting famous art reproductions for over 20 years and have their own studios to guarantee oil painting reproductions with museum quality. Feel free to tell us your art requirements. HandmadePiece has 500+ kinds of classical and modern frames.

Which is the best reproduction of a painting?

We focus on painting museum quality art reproductions, all hand made by 100+ top professional painters. Besides, we use eco-friendly oil paints, heavy-duty (400gsm) linen canvas and upscale wood frames to make sure you will get a beyond-expectation painting reproduction, loyal in colors, details, technique and overall feeling.

How to research, appraise, and sell old paintings?

Research, Appraise, and Sell Amanda is a keen artist and art historian with a particular interest in 19th-century art, especially the work of the Pre-Raphaelites. If you are reading this article, there’s a good chance that you may have a treasured old painting at home you’ve owned for years.

Is the handmadepiece oil on canvas reproduction good?

“Excellent quality painting, looks just like the photo online. The frame is nice and heavy wood, great deal for the price. Overall awesome value!” “I found out about handmadepiece while browsing and was not sure initially about giving it a try. Well I took a chance and asked them for a 1872 oil on canvas reproduction.

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