Where are the tapestries of the National Trust displayed?

Where are the tapestries of the National Trust displayed?

Many of our tapestries are displayed in the houses for which they were originally acquired, allowing us to trace their history, the changes in their use and the way people have appreciated them.

Which is the largest collection of tapestries in the world?

Today, we look after the largest collection of tapestries in Britain and one of the largest in the world, with around 650 items in over 200 historic houses. Here we explore a small selection of great tapestries in our care.

Who was the designer of the Anglesey Abbey tapestry?

However, he also commissioned brand new hangings from the local Cambridge Tapestry Company, including a view of Anglesey Abbey in 1934. Designed by Clifford Barber, it depicts an aerial view of the Cambridgeshire landscape with Anglesey Abbey and its garden in the centre.

Where are the tapestries of Sir Malcolm Stewart?

Montacute’s masterpiece: Knight with the Arms of Jean de Daillon Other tapestries have been acquired more recently. Montacute is home to a small but outstanding group of late medieval tapestries bequeathed by Sir Malcolm Stewart in 1968, including the 15th-century masterpiece Knight with the Arms of Jean de Daillon.

Where are the tapestries in the Sistine Chapel?

The tapestries were the last part of the decoration of the Sistine Chapel, on the lowest register, hung directly below the strip of frescoes just under the chapel’s windows.

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