When you rub a comb through your hair what charge will the comb have?

When you rub a comb through your hair what charge will the comb have?

Electrostatics can be a problem, but it has very important applications too. When a comb is run through your hair charges pass between your hair and the comb, so the comb becomes charged either positively or negatively, and the hair oppositely charged.

When you comb your hair and electrons transfer from your hair to the comb your comb acquires a charge that is *?

atom gaining one or more electrons has negative net charge. Examples: When rubbing a comb through your hair, electrons transfer from your hair to the comb. Your hair then has a small deficiency of electrons.

When combing your hair you scuff electrons from your hair onto the comb is your hair then positively or negatively charged How about the comb?

The hair becomes positively charged and the comb becomes negatively charged.

What happened when you put the negatively charged comb to the slowly flowing or trickling water?

It is similar to the way some magnets are attracted to certain metals. When you bring the negatively charged comb near the faucet it is attracted to the POSITIVE force of the water. The attraction is strong enough to actually pull the water towards the comb as it is flowing!

When should you comb your hair?

Combing activates your sebaceous glands, the little guys at your hair roots that produce your scalp’s natural oil (sebum). Along with keeping the scalp and hair moisturized, sebum coats the scalp surface and work to create the right pH balance, which is very important for healthy scalp. 3.

When you scuff electrons from a carpet onto your shoes you become?

When your rubber- or plastic-soled shoes drag across the rug, they pick up electrons from the rug in the same way you charge a rubber or plastic rod by rubbing it with a cloth. You have more electrons after you scuff your shoes, so you are negatively charged (and the rug is positively charged).

Why do combs get charged?

These atoms contain equal number of protons and electrons so they are uncharged. So the surface of any object made of atoms has electrons, which are negatively charged. When the comb is rubbed against the cloth the electrons move between the two, and the comb gets charged.

Is it bad to comb your hair a lot?

This is a healthy way to distribute your scalp’s natural oils through your hair — but only if you do it gently. “Vigorous brushing, even if only once a day, will cause breakage and damage your hair,” he says.

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