When was USS Arizona painted into measure 1?

When was USS Arizona painted into measure 1?

USS Arizona is known to have painted into Measure 1 in mid-1941. If you are among those who believe that she did not repaint after her collision with USS Oklahoma in October 1941 and was still in Measure 1 at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, these are the colours you need:

What are the colors of the USS Arizona?

For those who believe that USS Arizona had repainted into Measure 11—or some variant thereof—or perhaps even Measure 2A, here are the colours you’ll need: All vertical surfaces from top of boot-topping to the level of the top of the funnel—5-S Sea Blue (US 07); All vertical surfaces above the top of the funnel—5-L Light Gray (US 03);

What are the colors of the USS Norfolk?

Flight Deck Markings uncertain, but if light-coloured were Norfolk 251-N, for which use 5-B Thayer Blue (US 09); All external steel decks & steel horizontal surfaces—20-B Deck Blue (US 10); Underwater hull—Norfolk 65-A Antifouling Red (US 14).

What was the colour of the US Navy aircraft?

Carrier aircraft were in Non-specular Blue-Gray (ACUS 05) over Non-specular Light Gray (ACUS 06). F4F Wildcat cockpit interior colour was Bronze Green (ACUS 30 ); SBD Dauntless cockpit interior colour was Interior Green (ACUS 09).

Who is the painter of the USS Shields?

Oil and watercolor marine and ship paintings of United States navy ships. Artist: Richard C Moore USS Shields oil painting on canvas private collection Fletcher-class destroyer

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