What were antique secretaries used for?

What were antique secretaries used for?

The antique drop front desk, or often called a side by side secretary, is a late 19th Century Victorian period furniture invention. The desk combines a bookcase or curio with a small writing desk, and has multifunction of storage and writing surface. Thus the name, “Side by Side Secretary.”

What is an antique desk called?

The Antique Bonheur Du Jour is a style of antique desk that originates from France where the name means “daytime delight”. By the late 18th Century they were made in London and simply called ‘a lady’s writing desk’.

What is the difference between a desk and a secretary?

As nouns the difference between desk and secretary is that desk is a table, frame, or case, usually with sloping top, but often with flat top, for the use of writers and readers it often has a drawer or repository underneath while secretary is (obsolete) someone entrusted with a secret; a confidant.

Why is it called a secretary desk?

The secretary (from secretarius, Latin for writer) evolved as a larger and more formal piece of furniture to store books and papers. Tall or low, a secretary consists of a slanted lid that flips forward to create a writing surface, concealing (when closed) cubbies and pigeonholes (even secret compartments) and drawers.

What is my antique secretary desk worth?

Authentic antique secretary’s desks range in value from $500 to more than $30,000, but you may be able to find one at an online auction site or a local estate sale for $200 to $400.

Is secretary the same as a receptionist?

In the world of the receptionist, the main duties include answering the phone and greeting people who walk into the office. For secretaries, their day is filled with clerical, administrative and organizational tasks that include making appointments, typing documents, filing and answering the phone.

How much did Rick sell the Wooton desk for?

“The desk came from the great granddaughter of the original owner, he was a good ole boy judge,” Melchert shared. After some deal making, the antique sold for $13,500.

Who made the Wooton desk?

William S. Wooton
William S. Wooton was born in Ohio in 1835, and perfected his skills in furniture design at George A. Grant and Company of Richmond, Indiana. He established the Wooton Desk Company in 1870, opening an office for his staff of four at 115 East Washington Street in Indianapolis.

What does a vintage secretary desk look like?

The vintage secretary’s thin profile, which has more in common with a bookshelf or etagere than an executive desk, means that one can be easily integrated just about anywhere. Vintage secretaries also come with an added benefit: height.

What kind of chair goes with a secretary desk?

If you want to go old world all the way, we say pair a rosewood secretary desk and a floral accent chair and be transported into a time of handwritten letters and tea parties. If you prefer mixing the vintage with modern, a secretary desk also makes for a mean makeshift bar.

How does a secretary desk with a hutch work?

Secretary desks with hutches generally consist of a hutch or cabinet placed atop a dresser-like structure that comes equipped with a center drop-leaf. The drop-leaf can be extended to create a desktop and can be folded up to create a synchronized unit.

What to do with a drop front secretary desk?

Drop the leaf and stage a guestbook and ballpoint pen, or even just a phone charger and WiFi code placard, so that guests feel invited to bust out their business if need be. Part of the appeal of antique drop-front secretary desks is their cache of slots, shelves, drawers, and pigeonholes.

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