What was the slogan of the 1953 Coca Cola sign?

What was the slogan of the 1953 Coca Cola sign?

Slogan “Sign of Good Taste” 1953 Canadian Coca-Cola porcelain door push pushbar sign Coke FREE SHIP! Coca Cola PORCELAIN SIGN YOUR THIRST TAKES WINGS. EXCELLENT CONDITION

What did the first Coke sign look like?

Today, thanks in part to his early obsession with advertising, Coca-Cola is one of the best-known brand names in the world. The first metal Coke signs were lithographed or painted. Known as tackers, these signs were designed to be nailed directly through the metal and onto a wooden wall or fence.

Where can I find a vintage Coca Cola sign?

Vintage Coca-Cola Light Up Sign fishtail original antique man cave gameroom ! Vintage 1940s Porcelain Coca-Cola French Canadian Palm Press Sign. VINTAGE DRINK COCA COLA FOUNTAIN SERVICE SOLID CAST IRON SIGN! VINTAGE DELICIOUS REFRESHING COCA COLA SIGN YOUNG COUPLE SUPER PIECE RARE!

When did the first flange Coke sign come out?

The 1920s were also when flange signs first came to prominence. These signs featured stenciled-and-fired enamel artwork on both sides of the sign, with a small right-angle flange at one end so the sign could be attached to a building and read by customers walking in opposite directions.

How big are the old Coca Cola signs?

Over ninety different vintage Coca-Cola tin, metal, Enamel and Porcelain signs, including eight different round signs from 12” to the embossed 14” in Diameter signs.

What was the Coca Cola sign in the 1950s?

1950s Orig Ice Cold COCA COLA Fishtail With Green Stripes Soda Pop Sign UNUSED!! COCA COLA SUPER RARE 1935 CANDY/ TOBACCO LARGE STORE SIGN.

What are some of the best coke Santa signs?

We have two different Classic Coke Santa signs, and the four season coke girls sign and one that is already a classic, “the history of Coke bottles sign. Another vintage favorite, the Fiftieth Anniversary coke “bathing beauties sign. This is a great collection of Tin, Enamel, Porcelain and metal signs, with holes in each corner for easy mounting.

Where was the Congress beer pressed tin sign made?

Congress Beer Pressed Tin Sign This pressed tin sign advertises Congress Beer, which was made by the Haberle Congress Brewing Company in Syracuse, New York. Age has yellowed the lettering on the sign, but it is otherwise in good condition and is a nice collectors item.

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