What was the index card used for the 1910 census?

What was the index card used for the 1910 census?

For the 1910 census, the Bureau of the Census created and filmed Soundex or Miracode index cards for the states listed above in General Information. With the exception of Louisiana, which used both, each state is indexed with either Soundex or Miracode as noted at the beginning of the state listing.

What was the boundaries of the ed in 1910?

National Archives Microfilm Publication T1224 describes ED boundaries as they were in 1910; present-day boundaries may not be the same.

What was the enumeration district for the 1910 census?

Rolls 28-40 of “Descriptions of Census Enumeration Districts, 1830-1890 and 1910-1950” (Microfilm Publication T1224) identify the enumeration district number assigned within the state, county, and city for the 1910 census.

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