What kind of Sailor made a long case clock?

What kind of Sailor made a long case clock?

Folk art Sailor-made vintage seashell long case clock Early 2nd half of 20th century The shell-decorated clock consists of two pieces the hood and the body of the clock-both with…

Who was the maker of the Waterbury Clock?

“married” to an empty clock case in need of a movement. For example, a movement made in1890 by Seth Thomas might wind up in a Waterbury clock case made years before.

How many entries are in the clocks by maker’s names?

I) Contains approximately 35,000 entries, including information for clockmakers who flourished from 1820 to 1875. It also includes additional information about many of those listed in the original work.

How many clockmakers are there in the UK?

The apprenticeship details of over 14,000 clockmakers, watchmakers and others involved in the horological trade in Britain, listed under both the apprentice and his master, extracted from the tax records in the Public Record Office.

Who is the maker of the longcase clock?

A majestic specimen of English clockmaking, this important longcase clock by London clockmaker James Fenton features an exceptional Adam and Eve automaton above the dial. Longcase ti… An extremely fine and imposing antique George III period chinoiserie decorated London made longcase clock by John Monkhouse.

When did they stop making tall case clocks?

English tall case clocks were in production from 1660 – 1860 (manufacturing both 30-hours and 8-day long case clocks), a more or less 200 years which stopped around c.1880. The use of springs in antique clocks came about in mid 1600’s, replacing weights for motive power.

How tall is the longcase clock by Donaldson Wigton?

J.B. Penfold (The Clockmakers of Cumberland, 1977) records Gate as a maker of some importance and he is mentioned in Britten (Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers) as operating in 1770. Height 82″ or 2.08m A 30 hour, oak, 18th century longcase clock by Donaldson, Wigton.

How tall is a longcase clock by George Baird?

Height 70″ or 1.78m A handsome, early 19th century, 30 hour oak longcase clock by George Baird of Carlisle. A beautifully painted arched dial, the spandrels with circles in gold leaf and with a red flower either side of the crescent-shaped date dial.

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